whats a Sliding scale?

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    Can please someone answer this for me? if that a way of giving meds to someone who has diabetes? I only see it on pt charts who are Diabetics.

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    It is a predetermined (usually by the MD) scale set for the pt. as a guide on how much insulin to give them for a blood glucose number that is high.

    150-200 2U
    201-250 4U
    and so on

    So if Pt. X's BS was 162, this pt. would receive 2 units of insulin according to the sliding scale. There is a scale for each pt. to be followed.
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    Also, ONLY regular insulin is used with a sliding scale, non of the other ones.
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    thanks You GUYS!!
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    Humalog insulin is also used in the sliding scale. But not as much as Regular insulin.
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    In the NICU, we will sometimes see sliding scales for other meds, like potassium (if the level comes back between such and such, give this many; if it comes back lower, give this many, higher give this many, etc.).
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    Heparin and insulin gtts can be on a sliding scale.

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