What to do if you don't pass a class?

  1. 0 I am sitting in a C in on class and C/D in another. Not because I'm not trying. I happened to have the most pickiest instructor down to the decimal in points. I have asked around what everyone is doing to study, gone to tutoring. A recent test grade was poor to a check off I had that was lower than what I expected, even my partner got the same grade.

    1) Retake it in the Fall with a bunch of other point less classes.
    2) Take a year off and apply to OT school at the same school and take my EMT-Intermediate.
    3) LPN program?

    I really don't want to waste time sitting out a semester. But I'm trying to be done by 2015. I've been in college since September of 2008. I don't want to give up on nursing, just somewhat losing hope. How is it so easy for some people??
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    retake and get those grads up,,, will be hard to find a job in anything but healthcare or truck driving.
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    Quote from northmississippi
    retake and get those grads up,,, will be hard to find a job in anything but healthcare or truck driving.
    Just for the record my dad is an independent truck driver and can't go out on the road because the rates are so miserably low they don't even pay for diesel costs. 40% of small trucking companies folded this year.

    Best to retake the class and keep moving forward.

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    And nursing jobs are scarce too.
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    I also have the idea of going to a different school to get a 2nd bachelors (first gpa wasn't bad, but not great-3.0, not competitive enough for grad school though most want a 3.2. Then going to Physician Assistant school. My cumulative GPA after the end of this year at my school will be a 3.0. So not happy about grad school potential .
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    I actually ended up passing that class that I was failing by like .08.
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