What to do after ADN at 20 yrs old?? College?? Work??

  1. I have known since the beginning of forever that I wanted to be a Nurse! When I got the opportunity to begin my prerequisites senior year of high school, I was so excited!! Well, here I am a second semester nursing student at 19 with 3 more semesters to go!! I am starting to realize that I gave up my fun filled senior year and partying freshman and sophomore year to become an RN. I have no problem with that! However, I am interested in leaving home and attending a university to complete a Bachelors and then go on to post graduate work. My question is what do you all think of me going to a University to stay on campus, should I wait until I receive my BSN to work?? Should I go straight to work after ADN? What should I do?? Help please!!
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  3. by   zoe92
    I would go right to work after the ADN and complete a RN-BSN program. You could save up your money to get your own apartment or try to stay on campus for the RN-BSN program so you can get the "college" feeling. Nursing is not a major like other ones though & you have to be careful with partying since nurses get drug tested & have background checks.
  4. by   soxgirl2008
    I would get a job right, because when you finish your BSN you're not going to be considered a new grad, because you already learned the nursing "skills" in your ADN program. It may be harder for you to get a job if you wait until you're done with your BSN
  5. by   HouTx
    Hmm - the 'college experience' for nursing students is 180 degrees different from the fun majors. Late nights in the library instead of the local watering hole. Getting together for pharmacology drills instead of heading out for a night on the town, hours of online NCLEX practice instead of social network games . . . . yep, you get the drift.
  6. by   eatmysoxRN
    I partied a lot during my ADN program. I also graduated at 20.i didn't find it difficult to fit partying into my schedule and I stayed on campus.

    As far as getting your BSN, you won't be able to live on campus for it as far as I know. I was interested in that but found for the most part the programs are either mostly or completely online. Maybe get a job in a university town so you could still go to parties. Like someone else said, keep drugs out of the experience.

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  7. by   afox
    One thing for sure- I definitely recommend getting an RN job after graduation. (you don't want to seem like you've lost skills since you wont be a "new grad" anymore, PLUS some areas are hard to find jobs in) My suggestion is, that maybe only try for a part time one that would allow you to have a social life/continue with your BSN. It really depends on the area you live in though. I work in a larger magnet facility in central IL that probably hires 100-200 new grads per year. Because of the economy and the fact that we do hire new grads, we get nurses from all across the state that come here to work for a couple years of experience. Most of our nurses are in their 20's and many of them have roomates that are other nurses, and a lot of them still "party" since they are still young. As long as you don't do anything illegal your job isn't in jeopardy.
  8. by   Stephalump
    You need to work after you get your ADN. All of your skills are being learned now : so you'll spend your RN-BSN year forgetting them...and employers know that. Every RN-BSN program I know of is mostly online and clinical-free, so living on campus would be odd. I can't imagine working as a nurse and living in a dorm while taking online courses. That would be very weird.

    If you want to party, then party. Nurses know how to get down :-). Don't have to be in a sorority to do that.