What nursing field do you think is easiest and hardest? - page 6

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I know nursing in itself is hard but i just wanted to know what you all think what nursing field is easiest to do and which is the hardest?... Read More

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    I always told my students to ask every nurse why s/he did what s/he did, and also why s/he didn't do what s/he didn't do. Lots of people can tell you why they like something, but it's when they tell you why they don't like something that you can make a decision.


    "Mother-baby nursing! I love it! What better opportunity to get a new family off to a good start-- a good birthing experience, establish breastfeeding, and all that. And when a new family has a good birth experience, they'll come back to our hospital for care later on in life."

    "Mother-baby nursing, yeeeeecccchhhh! Tits and fundi and peripads and screaming brats and if I never see another whiny entitled ***** with a six-page birth plan and a mother-in-law it'll be too damn soon."
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    everyone thinks their chosen career is harder. having an aunt in nursing and a mother in teaching, i'm just glad i'm not a state teacher. they have it hardest, if you ask me.