What is your favorite class that you took or currently taking in Nursing School? - page 2

I am planning to start in January and I excited to start but I wanted to know what was your favorite class that you have took or taken and why? I love to hear what everyone has to say :)... Read More

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    Loved the drips, chest tubes, hemodynamic monitoring, EKGs, ABGs, and patho involved.


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    As far as pre-req's, my favorite was microbiology. I had an amazing instructor who was extremely challenging but fair. I loved the material more than any other pre-req.

    I'm halfway through my ADN program and I have taken funds, pharm, psych and medsurg I. My favorite has been medsurg I because I had an excellent clinical experience. I was on a floor with great nurses that let me practice many skills. My instructor was also tough and fair which I always like.

    Even though the OP didn't ask, I'll still talk about what I didn't like: psych. That class was so unorganized even though the dept head was in charge of the course for many years. She was my clinical instructor and would not answer my questions. She would also say she will see me next semester if I didn't know the smallest thing. For the lecture, she couldn't get the exam dates in order so they changed multiple times. At one point, she insisted that we would have an exam on Veterans Day. Then at the final, she had furniture delivered to the lecture hall halfway through the exam which was very noisy and distracting. Really?! How is that necessary? She told us that if we can take the test with that going on we can do anything. Well guess what, the class average fell significantly and several of us ended up failing who were doing well prior to the final. As far as the material, I found it to be very boring. I didn't have much interest in the material when I took psychology and it didn't change when the nursing aspect was added to it.

    It's funny how I have so much more to say about what I didn't like :P

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