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Surely everyone has at least one thing that they can't handle. ;) Maybe you can do blood and guts and poo, but the smell of pee gets you? What is the one thing that messes you up? Did you know going... Read More

  1. by   cannolis
    I always hear ”if you can't handle bodily fluids don't be a nurse.” Glad it's normal.

    I hate the smell of vomit (can tolerate the action) or anything that crawls. Someone on here said maggots. Is this a common thing? O_O
  2. by   missdirection928
    I can handle any bodily fluid, especially if I am gloved and masked. I can not handle feet anything. My patient could have freshly pedi'd feet and I would't want to help put on fresh socks without contact precautions. Gross feet make me squirm and throw up a little.
  3. by   brillohead
    Quote from Katie71275
    I've also recently gotten to watch circumcisions as a nurse tech in the NICU, and although I can handle it...it bothers me.
    You and me both.

    I watched one through a window during my OB rotation, and it just made me so sad. I had asked my clinical instructor if I was "required" to watch one as part of the program b/c I have personal objections to the procedure, and she recommended that I watch one just so that I'd be able to give a factual, first-person account if any patients asked me to describe the procedure to them in the future.

    I did watch through the observation window, but I kept having to turn away. I still don't understand why female circumcision is "cruel" but male circumcision is an accepted practice in today's society.
  4. by   daniellenursing
    I can't do sputum - sometimes not even my OWN - and fecal matter just... isn't cool. Sometimes farts and burps gross me out - probably from experience with my dad *ugh*. I can do just about anything else.
  5. by   Snafu13
    Teeth injuries...I can handle severed limbs, poo, pee, vomit, mucous, you name it, but if I see busted teeth and oral injuries, I want to run away screaming. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me. Gives me the heebie jeebies
  6. by   Llawver
    I'm gonna go with c-diff diarhhea. Normal feces dont bother me but I had a client with c-diff who defacated all over his bed, clothing, and the floor. Took about half an hour to get everything cleaned up and some of it even ended up on my shoes. Terrible
  7. by   KBICU
    Pannus's (if that's a word) and anything that grows in them or is found in them.
  8. by   mofomeat
    Quote from brillohead
    I still don't understand why female circumcision is "cruel" but male circumcision is an accepted practice in today's society.
    The difference is that "female circumcision" as it is called is complete removal of the clitoris, with the goal of greatly reducing or eliminating any ability of the woman to obtain sexual pleasure. It is often done in unsanitary conditions (with high rate of infection/complication) and cultures that practice it seem to believe it will keep an otherwise promiscuous future wife from cheating on the husband.

    That sort of thing. It is also known as "Female Genital Mutilation", which is probably more descriptive.
  9. by   beingcaitlin
    I can do regular puking but projectile vomiting freaks me out. It's gross and it scares me every time cause you don't have warning and you have to run for cover
  10. by   scrubsandasmile
    I had a pt who was detoxing from ETOH- chronic, chronic ETOH user. He was conked out and was not clearing his secretions, and I (as the lucky student) had to NT suction him. I am NOT a gagger. Like ever- I can do C.diff poo, vomit, ulcers, feet... but I had to hold my breath because of the odor that was emitted from this man's nasal/oral secretions. I will NEVER forget that smell- I was convinced for days that smell was still on me; I think my nose hairs were like singed from that odor. My horrifying nursing school story...

    Oh I also hate the physical act of having to reduce a hip or shoulder dislocation. The amount of force that is required for some of them just make me shudder..
  11. by   CT Pixie
    Vomit...(hearing it, smelling it, and/or seeing it puts me over the edge) and respiratory secrections (thick nasty mucous) ewwww.

    Of course being an LPN on a LTC unit I have a ton of COPD pts who are always bringing up that nastiness (gagging just thinking about it) but I always do what I have to do, get through it and enter the room ASAP.
  12. by   mofomeat
    I've discussed before that seeing someone vomit, viewing a vomit lake or otherwise knowing of a vomit event illicits entirely the wrong reaction from me- it gives me the giggles. This is much worse than being grossed out by it. I'm sure that the last thing someone needs as they're doing the Blearggh Shout is for someone to start laughing.

    I've also got a nearly juvenile propensity to laugh at, or make jokes about farts and poo.

    The thing that *does* bother me for some odd reason is CSF. I'm not sure whether it is because it is clear as water but slightly thicker, or if the whole thought of spinal taps is so unappealing. Similarly, the only two things that grossed me out in A&P were the smell of warm brains and the smell of fat that had started to dissolve into a snot-like liquid.

    In lab we dissected different parts of a cat (as I'm sure all of you did) and continued on this for most of the semester. Sure the cats were soaked in alcohol to slow down the decomposition, but near the end they were starting to get pretty ripe. Not so much a bacterial composition as much as amino acids and other proteins breaking down, methinks. For over a year afterwards, everything I ate had a faint taste of the alcohol preservative, and it still pops up once in awhile (Iced Tea, really?). To this day, I still peel the fat off of chicken or other meats that I'm eating because it always reminds me of all the gooey fat liquid that accumulated in the abdomen of poor ol' Sprinkles.
  13. by   Skips
    SPUTUM. The really thick, deep stuff. I almost lost it when I had to handle it the first time, but I hid it (or tried to).

    I had no idea what would gross me out before I started nursing school. I thought I would be able to handle it all, honestly.