What is PES

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    and why can't I seem to find it in any of my books?
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    It is in your books, try the chapter on Diagnosing...chapter 17 in my book but will be different in yours. It stands for

    PROBLEM - A statement of the clients's response

    ETIOLOGY - FActors contributing to or causing the response

    Signs and Symptoms - Defining characteristics manifested by the client.

    Hope this helps!!

    studying,..can you tell?
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    You might find it written about in relation to the nursing diagnostic statement where the R/T (related to) part is the etiology and the AEB (as evidence by) are the symptoms. It's an older acronym.
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    PES is a format for writing a nursing diagnosis.

    Problem related/to etiology (cause) as evidenced by signs and symptoms.
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    They didn't have it, but you can "suggest" an acronym you can't find.
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    Thanks everyone, PES isn't listed in the index of my book but it is under the careplan section.