What is a good NCLEX-RN book to get during nursing school? - page 3

I am in my first semester of nursing school (for BSN) and all of my tests are NCLEX style questions and want to get more practice on how to answer them. I've seen NCLEX-RN books that are specific to med-surg or OB, but is there a... Read More

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    I used Kaplan strategies book and saunders because kaplan book didn't have enough practice questions. Kaplan strategies definitely helped me a lot. Oftentimes, there are questions with 2 good answers but asking you to pick the best one. I learned from kaplan book to pick answer based on hierarchy of needs.

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    I got the whole series of reviews and rationales. My absolute fave!
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    We were given Saunders in our first semester. It has been a lifesaver. I read the summaries for each topic before I read my book, then I go back and do all the questions right before the test.

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