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I know this question and/or similar questions have been asked, because I searched. Most of those threads are a couple of years old, though. I think this could benefit many of us entering nursing school in the fall. Thankfully,... Read More

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    I can't imagine carrying around a clipboard or tablet....I'd feel ridiculous walking into my patient's room with all of that. I have a pocket sized notebook i take notes in. My rule is that if it doesn't fit in my pocket, I don't bring it. I bring my stethoscope, penlight, scissors, pocket notebook, and a pen. We're allowed to use our cellphones to use Dynamed, Micromedex, etc.

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    I bought a see-thru makeup case with handles (it's purse sized) that I keep all my tools/papers in. I stash it at the nurses station and grab what I need as I need it.
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    Quote from 2013SNGrad
    The stethescope holder for the waist doesnt touch skin or hair as it does around the neck. If we didnt have a holder it had to be stored in our pockets, but again, the only time itll b needed is during assessment. There really is no need to carry it around all day. As far as name badges, our schools were not hanging low enough to touch the patient
    But is still touches your hair and skin when you have it on. It is also going to brush up against things like the sink and the bed in the patient's room with it on your waist.
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    They make (or if you're handy and can sew your own) adorable stethoscope covers. Solves the problem of the tubing touching the natural oils on your skin AND helps your nice Littman from sprouting feet and walking off...
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    I've lost count at the number of penlights I've bought and subsequently lost. The next one I get will have a Lo Jack
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    Quote from schnookimz
    I second the not putting the steth on your neck. The tubing of my littman completely discolored from the oil of my skin, this happened to many other people I know as well. Unless your tubing is black and won't show discoloration, put it in your pocket.
    Also, we were told not to wear them around our neck in case a patient becomes violent and tries to strangle us. If we wanted to wear an ID around our neck it couldn't be a lanyard type. It had to be the rope kind that detaches with force.

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