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This may have been previously discussed, but I am curious about what other students goals are in nursing after receiving the long-awaited license? I'm curious about the specialties that y'all want to... Read More

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    I plan to work in the NICU after I graduate and eventually become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I also plan to move to the Northeast after we sell our house in few years. I have all my long term goals written down, for when I need motivation to get through nursing school.
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    Quote from smilin_gp
    This may have been previously discussed, but I am curious about what other students goals are in nursing after receiving the long-awaited license? I'm curious about the specialties that y'all want to go into and/or what further degrees or certifications are planned for the future.

    As for me, I am hoping to find a job in a cardiac stepdown or telemetry unit and possibly work into a critical care unit. I would love to eventually become a CNS in the area of cardiac or critical care or maybe even a CRNA someday:Melody:
    Great thread!!!

    My goal (long-term) is to make a difference in my patients' lives. My goal (short-term) is to work in a trauma 1 center in the ER. I like the fast-paced style and the fact that you must think quickly. I like the challenge. If not that, I would love to work in the OR.
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    I will graduate with a ADN in May, 2007. My goal has always been to work in L&D, post-partum, or the NICU. I will start semester #2 in peds and L&D, I am very excited! I will eventually go on for my BSN and then who knows...
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    Wow, there are just so many diverse areas of nursing to go into. It's awesome that we can be in a career that allows us to positively impact lives every day, but still have so many choices in speciality :Melody: .
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    I will be starting clinicals on the 9th, not sure what area I want to work in after graduation. Seems like ages away, but I am sure time will fly by fast. I would eventually love NICU though at some point in my career.
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    I also am very interesed in RNFA. I have been looking into a hospital in Manhattan that has a orientation for new grads in the OR. I will be applying there. I take my NCLEX Jan 24, 2006. Hope I pass!!
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    Good luck on the test and internship mcorrao77 . I need to start seriously redoing my resume for internship applications soon. Arrgh!
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    Quote from mitchsmom
    Wanting to work in L&D and become a CNM is the reason I went to nursing school, although going into my last semester I can say that I have enjoyed all my rotations.
    Ditto every single thing she said, except I'm going into last year, not last semester. This is *exactly* what I want to do! We'll see if I'm singing the same tune after OB this semester, though, huh? ;-)
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    I graduate next Dec and I want to work in the ED or on the trauma floor. I plan on entering the MSN Program when I graduate because I want to be a Family Nurse Practicioner in the worst way
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    I had a ton of interests when I first started school. I have narrowed it down to my top three:




    And when the facilites wear me out-I would like to finish my career off in hospice.
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    Fun thread!

    After I get my license, I plan to get certified to become a diabetes educator, so I'll go w/my BSN for a while, and then I'll probably keep going to a NP - definitely working with kids all the way! (I have diabetes myself, guess I've been hanging around with them too long, lol!)

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    I want to work in NICU. If not NICU then some sort of critical care. Possibly flight nursing in the future after I'm done with my BSN.
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    My goal is to get my BSN, work in L&D for a year or so and then go om to get my masters and become a CNM

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