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    First I'd like to say today was my last clinical rotation for fundamentals!!!!!

    Ok so I'm all for supporting and helping fellow nursing students that put forth effort to get the work done. I have this girl in my class who expects me to help her at the drop of a dime and give her all the answers... Quizzes, physical assessment, care plans etc.... As I said I'm all about helping and supporting but you've got to put in some kind of effort!!!

    Can you believe she had the nerve to have an attitude with me today because I refused to allow her to copy my physical assessment we did on the same patient.... Oh well!!! Shes only cheating herself!

    Now she latched on to another lady in class and we have to do q teaching presentation and the lady asked her to find two pictures three weeks ago and hasn't done a thing! She hasn't communicated with her and expects to get the 25 points! She's got some nerve!

    Don't even need to know how to deal with this because I don't think she'll pass the semester, she needs to get 83/100 correct on the final (hoping the lady allows her to latch on again) if she loses this 25 points for the presentation she will fail.... You get what you put in...
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    Good riddance!
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    Bottom feeders suck you dry...

    Sorry, I know that sounds a bit mean to say, but...

    Glad you pressed on.
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    Sounds like you won't have to worry about her next semester. This is the main reason I'm so glad we don't have group projects! You're right her cheating and slacking off is only hurting her in the end. In my first semester we had a handful of people like that and they didn't survive to the second semester
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    Sounds like my last class thus semester!! Group project and one girl did NOTHING but expected me to say she helped with everything since we were cool. We had to write statements about team effort at the end and I write the truth. She got no credit for the project, dropping her grade down a whole letter grade...
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    It was just annoying and frustrating.... Made me think why she was really doing this and how serious is she about school

    She couldn't buy a cheap watch for clinical but bought herself a Michael Kors watch ($250.00).... Couldn't buy a stethoscope but bought a new pair of sneakers ($120.00)... Where is the priority setting??

    But as my aunt said whose also a nurse... Worry about me and dont let her drag me down with her.

    She laughed at me in the beginning of the semester because I had assignments done weeks in advance and was studying for my abbreviation quiz at the beginning of the semester....

    Guess who got the last laugh!
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    The bad part is that these kind of people are plenty in fundamentals. The good part is there's a 99% chance they don't make it through to the end so you won't have too many of them next semester!
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    I hope no one in my Level 1 classes will be like that, lol. This is kind of the reason I don't like partner exams.
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    I cannot stand people like that! I also hate those ones that are ALWAYS late; late to clinical, late to class...we have one girl like that and while teachers raise an eyebrows, nothing has been done. She is moving on with us to level three though and I have heard that tardiness like that will NOT be tolerate. I hope she finally wizes up :/
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    sounds like she isn't very humbled by the fact that she is in nursing school. It took me three tries to get in, so I know for damn sure that it is a PRIVILEDGE for me to be here and I do 100% my own work and the very best possible work I can do. If by miracle she graduates, she will be a terrible nurse

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