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First I'd like to say today was my last clinical rotation for fundamentals!!!!! Ok so I'm all for supporting and helping fellow nursing students that put forth effort to get the work done. I have... Read More

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    Update! I passed the class with a B-!!!!!! She didn't :-(

    780 (C) is needed to pass the class and I got 828.9/1010 which is a B-

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    So glad you passed! Sounds like you definitely worked for that B- and should be PROUD! :-)

    I'm sorry that she did all the work necessary to get in to nursing school yet chose to be lazy and not put forth the work necessary to be successful. Sounds like she either needs to get her head straight or find another profession to pursue.

    Also, in general I'm not a big fan of group projects because of people like her. I do actually like the way my program tries to really make it fair though. We had two large group projects this year and because of their size and scope we had to turn in work plans and outlines and do self-evaluations of our work at the end of the project. The evaluation also included our group members and breaking down what worked well, what didn't, and the percentage of the work that each of us did. It really helped us be accountable because we knew we would eventually be evaluated and it helped our instructor to see who put in the work and who didn't (presumably).

    Again, congrats on passing!

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