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Vaccination Waiver Please Help Quick!!

  1. 0 I was just informed that our clinical rotation that we start in 4 weeks has just started requiring nursing students to get the flu vaccine. Can someone please help me find the right waiver documentation to get out of it?! I only have three weeks (documentation has to be provided at least a week before we start the rotation). I'm not sure whether I need a student waiver or healthcare worker waiver. I'm in Illinois. Thanks in advance!!!
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    I'm not sure.... I don't think our school even considers waivers. Out of curiosity why don't you want to get one?
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    The main reason is I feel the best prevention is a diet of whole, organic foods and plenty of saturated fats like coconut oil (a natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal).
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    Where I am we can sign a waiver for hepatitis although I dont think you should forgo that one, BUT with the flu virus.... please stop and think about where your going to be? what your going to be doing? with all the sick people that you are going to be doing these things too. Then think about your family and friends that you will come in contact with if you are carrying the flu virus around. Then go to your local walgreens and get a freakin vaccine.
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    I feel that proper hand hygiene and the use of PPE is sufficient to prevent the spread of illness.

    My OP was not "Reasons I Should Get the Flu Vaccine," it was asking for help with finding the correct documentation to waive getting it. I ask that replies be geared towards helping me meet my desire to maintain my health through natural interventions--not vaccination. Any advice on finding the waiver documentation is greatly appreciated.
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    You should probably start with contacting the office of whatever nursing program you are going into.
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    ScottE, thank you for your reply. I have contacted my nursing program coordinator (I haven't gotten a response yet), but this is a facility requirement, not a nursing program requirement, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I only have 1 semester left, and only 8 weeks will be spent at the facility that is requiring the flu vaccine.

    I'm curious if the waiver process is any different for nursing students than it is for employees at that facility, but I think you're right about contacting my nursing program coordinator as she should be able to get clarification from the facility. Thanks again for your reply.
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    I tried to research this for you but am finding that nursing programs CAN mandate flu vaccines for students.

    Agree with above poster that best place to start is with your nursing program director.
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    i totally agree with you on not getting the flu vaccine.. never had it, and never had the flu... wish i could find some information for you, but i cant seem to find anything. possibly contact the facility directly and ask them?

    so glad my school doesnt mandate them.
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    Thanks traumaRUs; I really appreciate your looking into it.

    IF it turns out that I do have to get the flu vaccine, would it be better to get the injection with the preservatives (if they don't offer preservative free) or the nasal spray with the MSG? And, is it possible to get the flu vaccination that doesn't have H1N1 in it?
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    Thanks ashleyisawesome! I pray that you stay healthy (and that I don't have to get this stinkin' vaccine!).
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    What kind of patients will you be caring for during your upcoming rotation? According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), healthcare workers should not get the nasal spray (which contains a live yet attenuated version of the virus) if they will be caring for severely immunocompromised patients who require a protective environment. The CDC gives the example of bone marrow patients. Here is the applicable section from their website if you're interested. FYI, in the section I copied/pasted, "LAIV" refers to the nasal spray.

    "However, health care providers should not get LAIV if they are providing medical care for patients who require special environments in the hospital because they are profoundly immunocompromised, for example if they work in bone marrow transplant units. This is intended as an extra precaution and is not based on reports of vaccine virus transmission in those settings. The flu shot is preferred for vaccinating health care workers who are in close contact with severely immunocompromised patients who are being cared for in a protective environment. These health care workers may still get LAIV, but they must avoid contact with such patients for 7 days after getting vaccinated."

    Link to the CDC's info page on the flu vaccine for health workers:
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    Thanks for the info pecanpies! Hmmm, that changes things. I'm currently on Mother/Baby rotation which includes NICU and PICU, and then I have a Med/Surg rotation with no break in between.

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