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Hi all,:wavey: I'm currently a sophomore in a BSN program. I will be 20 years old this march. I went straight from high school to my college and started prerecs, got accepted into NS first try and now I'm almost done with my... Read More

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    One of my star students was 17 her first semester of nursing (RN program).

    I lived at home, drove my dad's car, worked only 4 hours a week while in my BSN program. Heck, I drove my dad's car for 3 years after graduating and moving out. Yes, your parents want to encourage you. Doesn't mean they aren't telling the truth!

    I was legally administering IV narcotics before being allowed to purchase alcohol for myself.

    There is a lot to be said for life experiences. I got mine through nursing, :lol:
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    Ignore them, they're jealous and bitter that they didn't start at 20 and now have obstacles making it harder (spouse, kids, etc.). Do your thang. You'll learn a lot on the job.

    For the record, I am 4 years older than you, but I feel that way sometimes as well. Most of my classmates are in their late 30s, and 40s, some in their 50s, most have kids/spouses and I do not, and often times I feel out of place, but then we all eventually start talking about how lost we feel some days on the floor, and we bond over that no matter what our ages. Like I said, the ones that yap are just bitter. Secure people don't need to put others down. After graduation you'll most likely never see them again. Screw 'em!
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    I graduated with my BSN at 22, and so did 95% or more of my program. You'll be out in the workforce making solid money at a great time in your life!
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    What nursing program are you in?! All of the programs where I moved from in GA were all full of students your age. I felt like I was in the same position as you but reverse (I am 29).

    I say don't worry about it- you are not too young. Heck, I wish I would have finished my degree years ago, before I had kids and a crazy busy life. However, I was not mature enough to be ready at 20 to commit to nursing school. Good for you being ready and pushing forward! Just keep your head up and don't worry about what others say or think. Most people that think they are gods gift and everyone else is beneath them have plenty of their own issues and they are just using you as a punching bag so they feel better. Just don't let them get to you and you will be fine. Good luck!!
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    Honestly, I understand where they're coming from, but it's out of pure jealousy. I'm 25, married, have 4 kids, and a mortgage. Kids who don't work and don't have even the tiniest responsibility are hard for me to relate to. We all just wish we had done it earlier too. For heavens sake don't complain about anything in front of them. (Like I'm so tired or you're so busy...) it won't go over well. Good for you for doing it early. I'm cheering for you through my green (with envy) eyes.
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    Jealous you're going to be in your early 20s & starting your nursing career. I'll be finish with mine at 30 - this will be my second career and much better then the first!

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    I entered college (nursing school) directly out of high school as did the vast majority of students in my program. I graduated at 23 (had to take a year long medical LOA my sophomore year) and was one of the oldest students in the program. I lived in the dorms, paid my tuition with student loans which my mother cosigned and lived at home during breaks/the summer. This is what the vast majority of traditional college students do... it sounds like your program, for some reason, is full of non-traditional students but this should in no way reflect negatively on your path.
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    I was a licensed RN at age 20. It would have been 19 had I known I would switch to nursing from pre-med. There are many nurses who go straight into nursing school from high school. By the time the reach the age many start, they will have some solid experience.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    If you can handle the course work and pass your clinicals, then no, you aren't. Life experience does help, but you'll be fine.
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    I will also graduate when I am 21 from a BSN program. Don't let them get you down. If you understand the material, there is no reason you should not be allowed in. Probably just jealous of your smarts!
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