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Hi all,:wavey: I'm currently a sophomore in a BSN program. I will be 20 years old this march. I went straight from high school to my college and started prerecs, got accepted into NS first try... Read More

  1. by   KelRN215
    I entered college (nursing school) directly out of high school as did the vast majority of students in my program. I graduated at 23 (had to take a year long medical LOA my sophomore year) and was one of the oldest students in the program. I lived in the dorms, paid my tuition with student loans which my mother cosigned and lived at home during breaks/the summer. This is what the vast majority of traditional college students do... it sounds like your program, for some reason, is full of non-traditional students but this should in no way reflect negatively on your path.
  2. by   eatmysoxRN
    I was a licensed RN at age 20. It would have been 19 had I known I would switch to nursing from pre-med. There are many nurses who go straight into nursing school from high school. By the time the reach the age many start, they will have some solid experience.

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  3. by   SaoirseRN
    If you can handle the course work and pass your clinicals, then no, you aren't. Life experience does help, but you'll be fine.
  4. by   ßåߥ
    I will also graduate when I am 21 from a BSN program. Don't let them get you down. If you understand the material, there is no reason you should not be allowed in. Probably just jealous of your smarts!
  5. by   lolads85
    Keep your head high! To echo everyone elses statements, you will be a nurse at a great time in your life.
  6. by   RN2serve
    My graduating class was age 19-47. I sometime found that the 19 year old was more with it and mature than the 47 year old. We all have different stresses and challenges while in school. I had a child and husband, and part time job. But my family was very supportive. There was a girl who lived at home and mom ironed her scrubs for her but she had a learning disability and really struggled with grades. Another looked like she had it all rich, beautiful, smart everyones best friend but her marriage didn't survive school. So know everyone has there problems and some of the backlash you feel may be jealousy right now. They'll see how hard your working and that you are all in the same boat learning a new skill. Best of Luck!
  7. by   rammstein
    Quote from futuresctRN
    Hi all,

    I'm currently a sophomore in a BSN program. I will be 20 years old this march. I went straight from high school to my college and started prerecs, got accepted into NS first try and now I'm almost done with my first year of nursing school. I'm currently volunteering, but the only "real" job that I've ever had is fast food. I still live with my parents for now, to save money. We aren't rich by any means but they try their best to support me. I choose not to work during the school year because I know myself that it would be difficult for me to keep up with the program if I worked. I don't have my own car because I can't afford one... I use one of my parent's. Sometimes they have to give me rides to school and it’s embarrassing because everyone else has their own cars and are on their own.

    I can't afford a car because I don't work except for summers but that's what I chose to do because It's how I'm getting through the program.

    My question is... am I too young/inexperienced to be in Nursing school? Most of my classmates are older than me, very many with cars and their own homes and children etc, and here i am still at home with my parents helping me get through school so that I can be a nurse. I know for a fact that some of them look down on me because I’m not “independent” and my parents are helping me get through this.

    I even heard a few older students talking and I guess they didn’t realize that I was there, but they said that they wouldn’t let people straight out of high school get into nursing school… they should get out for a few years and be more experienced and then go and be a nurse. How true is this?

    Will I not be as good as a nurse because I am young? Because I don’t have much life experience? Isn’t the fact that I can pass nursing school what really counts? I’ve talked to my friends and parents and they say that it’s best to get it done while you’re young. But I’m insecure and I feel like I’m out of place… and I’m starting to wonder if maybe they're right.
    I wish I'd gone to nursing school right out of high school. I went to college and got my bachelor's, but not in nursing. I worked for a couple years, but not in nursing. Now I'm going back to school, finally for nursing - and while I may have a few more years of "life experience" than you, none of it's in nursing. Plus, now I'm old enough that going back home isn't an option - that family support that would have been so valuable;juggling a full time job and home life is HARD!
    Long story short, the haters are jealous. Good luck in school!
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  8. by   NurseKis
    I turned 21 in October and I am in my last year of an ADN program. I think this is the best time to become a nurse!! Although I understand what u mean, I feel inexperienced most times. its okay! Most people are jealous of my age lol
  9. by   MadameFreckles
    I think the reason many people in nursing school are older is that for many it's a second career and they attracted to it bc of the perceived flexibility and ease of getting a job.I am just in NS and bit older (in my mid twenties) and have a family. I do have a BA in another field and personally, I don't think I had the maturity earlier in life to become a nurse but that was just me. I think nursing is a very hands-on field, you are dealing with the nitty gritty of life. Plus, the night shifts and rotating schedules can be very hard and it takes a lot of maturity to deal with that. Personally, having kids and having to deal with all those bodily fluids and sleepless nights definitely knocked the immaturity out of me real fast . That's just me though, and if you have the personality and drive early in your life then you can do it. I know you said you are busy with school, but perhaps you can look into doing some type of in-home care work, maybe just once a week to get your feet wet, as well as look good on resume. You could also try job shadowing and volunteering.

    I do think having a career early in life can be good. Going to school and trying to get my life together while taking care of kids is hard. I know some mothers who are nurses and they were all older and more established in their careers when they had kids. This allowed them to have flexibility with their schedules and take time off work to be with their kids, or go into an area of nursing that isn't so stressful. Plus, physically you are at your best when you are young, which will allow you to withstand those grueling first years on nursing better. I cannot imagine being in my 40's and having to work rotating day/night shifts bc thats all that was available for a new grad.
  10. by   LPn2RN2014
    I wouldn't sweat it. More than likely your fellow classmates are envious of you. I'm not sure what's the big deal? Besides, aren't most people are young when they start college fresh out of high school. No point in wasting time and money when you have a plan!!
  11. by   DebCRNBSN
    In 1976 I was 20 years old when I graduated with my ADN. Many of my classmates were also my age. That is how it was back then. You went from high school right into college. There wasn't a waiting list to get into nursing school. I think it's great and you will do well. Now I am 56 and working on my MSN in Nursing Education. Many people think I'm too old and need to think about retiring. I just want to teach the new nurses who will be replacing my generation when we all decide to retire.
  12. by   nurseamy04
    No sweetie you are NOT too young! I myself was a young nurse. I was 20 when I became a LPN, I'm now 27 and getting ready to start RN school. So I know how ya feel! I will warn you, people will give a hard time about being a young nurse, it happened to me. Just take that and use it as fuel for being the best nurse you can be!! I can personally say that I've learned A LOT from being a young nurse and it has made me a strong nurse. Good luck!!!
  13. by   chicagoboy
    When i was in nursing school, there were 2 students in our RN program who got accepted right after high school because of high NL results. Both were able to pass the prereq requirements (basic math, English 101 placement, and high school chemistry).

    It was a struggle. Both did not work. Were full time - took nursing classes along with minors (A & P 1 and 2, Micro, English, etc). After an 8 hour clinicals they would rush back to school to attend evening classes.

    I asked them how they did. NO love life, not working + supportive family! and NO partying!

    Both graduated! So i know it is possible if one just prioritize his/her schedules.

    You can do it. You're blessed to having been accepted right after high school. Most, including myself, were still indecisive of what to take for a major/career.

    Just lots of sacrifices and prayers, you can make it!