To go or not to go?

  1. So, awhile back...recently, I created a topic to ask for suggestions to find a tech job in the icu, well, I have a chance to go to an interview for one soon; however, I have some conflicting thoughts about it:

    1. The position is part time and requires that I work friday morning shifts and some evening shifts in random days of the week. I can do all that in the summer;however, I am still in school right now and wont get out till after may 10.
    2. In my fall semester, will have fridays free and will be able to work fridays when school starts again; however, I wont be able to work evenings on any weekday since I wont get out till 3p, and the shift starts at 3.

    I am conflicted because I really want this opportunity, but, at the same time, I feel that my schedule will not be that flexible when school starts in the fall. My schedule will be extremely flexible during the summer time though. What should I do? Should I go ahead and go to the interview or no? Also, usually, how long does it take from interview to actually starting a job...if I actually get it...? If it starts before May 10, my schedule will be very limited (only weekend), but if it starts after May 10, I am game.
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  3. by   ChristineN
    Go to the interview. Explain to them you are a student. Sometimes if you make a good impression managers are able to work with you. I was able to work as a tech through nursing school by working Fri-Sun night shift or evening shifts after school.
  4. by   ckh23
    I agree. Go to the interview and be up front about your schedule and school. I highly doubt this will be the first time a manager would have to accommodate a student, but it might not matter if they like you. The worst they can say is no.
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  6. by   NevadaFighter
    Agree with all of the above! Once you start working there, I'm sure they will be more accommodating with your schedule. Trust me, good help is hard to find.
  7. by   Feistn
    Maybe also make a call to HR and see how fast you accrue vacation days. I'm working a part time job at a hospital, and I'm basically burning up all of my vacation to do clinicals this spring. It's not ideal, but it will get you the job, and depending on your rotation, you might still end up with nice long weeks/weekends to take vacations in the summer if you want to.
  8. by   Morainey
    Go anyway, and explain. I know that you wanted ICU, but if your schedule is a dealbreaker they may be able to point you to another position you might not have previously considered. I'm grateful that my job was very accommodating while I was a student, but I did end up using a fair amount of vacation time and doing a lot of begging/pleading to switch shifts with coworkers, as well as trying to just plain make up time some weeks to get hours. It's not easy but it's do-able!