Time Limits on Science Classes ?? - page 2

Does anyone attend a college that has a rule that all sciences (towards a RN degree) must have been completed in the last five years?... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    Very common rule. Other time limits seen are seven, three, and ten years. The newest entry to the revenue collecting arena is two years. Imagine the fees that rakes in!
  2. by   RLtinker
    Even if its an ADN program, how do you finish that fast, you still have to take pre-reqs.
  3. by   PghRN30
    One thing you will see when you start having to write evidence baced practice papers in nursing school, and pull up articals, is for an artical to be concidered current, it should be preferably less then 3 years old, but generally less then 5. 7 or 10 year limits may be accepted for looking back, or if more current articals REALLY aren't available. This really isn't much different then science. With how much things change in science, that is the school saying "if you took this in the past 5 years, what you learned is up to date enough to build on it" Really if you took that class 15-20 years ago (and yes many people in nursing school got their first ba/bs that long ago and had those classes then) some of what you learned may be dated, and inaccurate. So schools have to set a time limit somewhere. yes not much may be different in A&P 10 years ago vs 5 years ago.......but 5 years is generally what is accepted as "up to date" in nursing, and that may be why. And no its not must be 5 years current when you graduate......its when you come in. once you come in it doesnt matter if what you had learned "became dated" as you are learning new material.