Studying for the NCLEX

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    Here is one for all your nursing students, but I am sure all nurses can remember those days too!

    "So far you've spent $12,837 on coffee. I'll be happy when you're done studying for the NCLEX."

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    ok, I admit that I am tired.. I have been fighting with an URI thingy all week and working 50 hours or so.... so..... when I saw the caption: "studying for the NCLEX cartoon", I wondered, "Why would you need to study for a CARTOON??" Oh my!!! to bed for me, must have sleep. LOL
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    I changed the title to read (cartoon) Get some sleep
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    So that's what I have to look forward is too funny
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    My friends all fell asleep in our hotel room while they were studying for our boards, back in 1974. I went out to dinner and to a bar, instead! We all passed, in the days of the 2-day exam. And coffee wasn't such a big deal back then. But I can truly appreciate all of this!
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    I'm happy to say NCLEX wasn't even invented when I graduated!
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    I graduated when dinosaurs ran a muck. I guess I am happy that NCLEX had not been invented then. I did have to wait months to find out if I passed.
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    Cute! I feel a little like that right now, and I'm only studying for my Fluids and Electrolytes exam! lol

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