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Hello Everyone, I warm you now I am writing this thread as a way to vent because I do not want to get depressed again about the professors abusive behavior. I am currently a junior in... Read More

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    Thank you everyone to replied to this post this day was extremely difficult for me. The good news is I graduated from nursing school and avoided having her again as a professor. Others in my class were not so fortunate and I pitied them. this site is really helpful and supportive. my partner and family may never really understand but on this site, I have a whole community that really tries to help one another. Thank you <3

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    I had my schoo's Dean of nursing ( she was also my Med Surg 1 teacher ) tell my entire class "that if we didnt like how things were done in this nursing program then we know where the damn door is" " We were the biggest group of complainers they had ever had and that we were setting ourselves up for failure". All this was simple because we were worried about taking a test that 2/3 of the material was her material that was not taught to us (all we got were these measly handouts with VERY little info on them) because her mother got sick and she was not available for classs.

    Secondly, I barely passed med surg 1 ( i got a 75.3, I needed a 75 to pass) I had her flat out tell me that I would not pass med surg 2 going in with a grade like that. Guess what, I didnt pass it and Im currently retaking it all because of her tellign me I wont pass. I gave up and stopped trying because I was constantly thinking about what she had said.

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