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I'm doing good so far in every class but ONE. The crazy thing is that the class is really not that hard but for some reason I keep changing my answer to the wrong one, which results in me receiving... Read More

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    Also, if the critical thinking questions are getting to you- think ABCs in every question! I took the Kaplan course and it was fantastic, if you the know the material and you are just having problem taking the test, buy an NCLEX book and focus on whatever Nursing topics you are studying now. There are multiple ways of answering critical thinking questions so studies those strategies- again buy a NCLEX or do research online, as well as ask your instructors for specific tips on how to answer questions.

    Again don't give up and stay positive.
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    Quote from Stephalump

    Oh, that's cool! I may look into it. I have an obsession with resource materials (my stack of non-required books is 3xs as high as my textbook stack). Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) our elderly professors aren't very technologically advanced and haven't figured out to test us using SATA format, much less any fancy audio/video type things. Good for me, but I don't want it to affect my NCLEX ability.
    If your Recommended Book pile is higher than your textbook pile, to me, you are on the right track, especially if they are updated...your professors may have Stone Age technology, but at least give you what you need to stay current. They are using old school critical thinking...when technology goes down or a supply that cannot be found or not ordered, many "techniques" were used to help guide pt they are guiding you despite their technological limitations...promise!!
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    Have you tried study groups or office hours with your instructor?
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    Emily, I am sorry you are having so much trouble. I am going to post a link to some videos on youtube that I found helpful for me. I am not sure if they will help you, but just by the link you may find others that relate to you.

    I have not read all the replies, but I will assume you have spoken to your professor, you can also approach another professor and ask for guidance. Does your school have a mentorship program?

    As for other students being worried about themselves, they are probably struggling or worried about themselves as well as you are. Sometimes while having a coffee break, I would meet students who were in classes ahead of mine, and since they had already taken classes that I was in already, I would ask them questions and more often than not, they would be wonderful in giving me ideas and suggestions. Try that.

    I wish you the best... do not give up, no one can kill your dream other than you. Sending you hugs.