Start Nursing School Tomorrow......So Nervous

  1. Tomorrow is my first day of nursing school and I am so nervous. My biggest weakness is organizing my notes and materials in a way that is the most beneficial to studying. Also, I have seen posts about students using flashcards to help study but how do you use flashcards if each case is different and you need to use critical thinking skills to determine a course of action?
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  3. by   swansonplace
    There are a lot of details that need to be memorized. Flash cards are helpful for this.

    Good luck on your first day of class. You will find ways to organize that fit your personality as you continue your studies. It's good to record the classes if your professor permits. This way you have a record should you need it.

    Use your camera to record skills the professor does. You phone can hold a drug guide, pdf of skills required, and a reference book for those things you don't know but need to look up.

    Have fun.
  4. by   chicagoboy
    Nursing theories can be very overwhelming. So many infos to be covered and you can only write notes this fast. You need to write notes, plus listen to the teacher, while looking at hand outs given. What i do is taped our lecture class and listen to it as soon as i get home (while still fresh in your head). Then i fill in gaps, additional info on my notes. Was fortunate enough that ALL my professor allows us to tape each lectures.

    I also used flashcards specially on meds, lab values. Very helpful!
  5. by   martymoose
    keep an ear out for study groups or buddies- I had a study- buddy ( was also a coworker in prev. job) and we used to study over the phone- quiz each other etc. That was helpful to me.
  6. by   swansonplace
    Try and watch a video, read the reviews and rationales book before the lecture. This way you are already familiar with the basics of the topic, and can ask your professor questions, and see where you are weak. It is kinda like you are checking to see if you are on target, or off, and you have someone to help you and give you directions.

    Our school had Judith Miller lectures that students could watch. Also, some schools give the public access to class lectures on video. Yours may have it also my did.

    This seems like a lot of work, but it saves lots of time.
  7. by   LoriRNCM
    My school records the lectures so we can watch them on Blackboard later. However, I do find that only about ten percent of the material we are responsible for learning is actually covered in class. Organization of your reading requirements is key, in my opinion. I am only in my fifth week and I find that to be my biggest challenge. The syllabus lists the reading by chapters, but the Unit objectives the instructor makes up list it by page numbers, which I like, since it cuts down on the required reading ALOT. There is so....much.....material.
  8. by   swansonplace
    Practice lots of nclex questions on the topic of the lecture.
  9. by   Guy in Babyland
    Everything that is distributed by the instructors is done online. I have a folder for each class on my laptop. I have a sub folder for pdf files (syllabus, course calendar, etc) , power points (every instructor uses power point), and audio files. I sit in the front row or close to the front and record every lecture. When I get home, I download the audio file for each class into the "audio" folder for each class. Power points have a section at the bottom for notes, so I take notes on each slide (revise it when I get home from the audio recording). I bought a datebook (I call it my brain) and different color highlighters from Wal-mart and put all assignment due dates and test dates in it. I use a different color highlighter for each class so I can see what is coming up for each class.