So...uh...when will I feel like I know what the heck I'm doing? - page 2

Hello all! I am going into my 3rd semester overall in January in nursing school. I'm in a BSN program. I have only had one semester of clinical experience. This next semester will be my second... Read More

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    I have been a nurse for over 2 years now (practicing for just under). And I still have my days where I am like "what the heck is going on/what the heck am I doing?!"

    Helpful? lol

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    Probably not until at least 5 years on the job has passed. Feeling like an idiot is part of being a student.
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    it takes a while. i have been a nurse for more than four years now and just recently changed specialities...i definitely have times now that i feel clueless. i worked for four years on a medicare rehab unit within a snf--in september i started working on a med-surg/transplant unit in a moderately sized teaching hospital---it's a huge difference and was a good reminder that there is so much to learn in nursing. very humbling to go from the experienced nurse that everyone goes to with questions back to being the new kid on the block that is always asking questions! you'll eventually get comfortable in your practice, but i think it happens gradually. good luck!
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    Going into my last semester and I still have that feeling...maybe it will alleviate when I work on my Masters' later in life?
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    Okay! I don't want to feel like the "stupid" one in clinical, so I's good that this is "normal". I am so excited for next semester to begin, but I still have one more final on Friday and another month before then.
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    When will you will feel better???? About 5 years after graduation!!!!

    You are perfectly normal!
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