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Should I commute to nursing school even though it is located one hour away from my home? How far would you be willing to commute? These are questions that are asked every so often on these forums, so... Read More

  1. by   cjr2619
    Quote from Farmbeachcity
    a digital recorder (Olympus VN-8100PC) or my iPhone.. i like the digital recorder better because it seems easier to rew/ff... you can transfer files to your computer if you want.. also has a function that you can slow down the playback: why would you need this? One of our professors talks SO FAST that listening to her again at regular speed didn't help..slowed it down and it sounds normal!!
    Will that recorder be compatible with a Mac?
  2. by   Farmbeachcity
    not sure if compatible with mac.. look it up on amazon and i'm sure they know..
  3. by   adc85
    No one has mentioned the cost of gas! I commuted an hour to school and an hour home for 4 years while getting my undergrad degree. I then continued to make this same commute for another 3 years for my job. I was spending on average $500 a month in gas! I'm starting nursing school in August, and it is an hour away (opposite direction this time though, so at least it'll be a change of scenery). Commuting sucks, after 7 years it physically and mentally drained me. Kudos to everyone who commutes, but once I'm done with school, I don't ever want to commute again!!
  4. by   FutureCRNA?
    When I started commuting, we traded in our Suburban for a Prius. Despite commuting almost 1,000 miles every week, our gas bill is still less than it was. Although I do pay a pretty penny every month for my car payment :/ Better to pay for a car though which we will own, rather than gas which is just lost money. Although by the time we will own it, it will be more than worn out. Over 90,000 miles on it already after 2 years. One year left of commuting for me and then I'll just drive to work every day, about 300 miles a week. It will be a nice break for me
  5. by   Exhaustipated
    Thanks for the article! I'm glad I'm not alone, although your commutes were much longer than mine. I've been commuting about 45 minutes each way since starting my pre-reqs. Once I start clnicals, some of those commutes will be much longer. I have always used my commute time to either re-listen to recorded lectures or, if I don't have any, I listen to audiobooks I download (FREE!) from
  6. by   july06
    I don't have a car or my license and my parents have to be at work way earlier than I have to be at school. So I either have to take the bus or walk. The bus in my area only runs 3 times in the early morning and 3 times in the early evening. So usually I'm stuck walking, which takes me an hour. I've gotten used to my walks though. And as long as I have my ipod, it's not that bad.

    Now that I've been accepted into the nursing program though, walking isn't an option. I don't think I'll be able to drag those books along with me.
  7. by   Kimynurse
    I commute about an hour each way.