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    Is it possible that having 2 cups of coffee around 4pm kept me up all night? I don't usually drink coffee however I was craving it. Last night I couldn't sleep, was irritable, and tossed and turned until 4am. Ive usually dont drink caffeinated products because I am sensitive to it but I though 4pm was early enough. Normally I fall asleep fine.

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    Very possible yes. I can't drink caffeine because it causes my heart to race and then I go into panic attacks
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    I don't know your age, but it is possible. I can drink coffee until 10 pm & still fall asleep. I am 20. My dad told me he used to be able to do it. Once he hit his late 20s, he couldn't drink caffeinated coffee past 5 pm.
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    Some people are more susceptible to uppers than others. Welcome to the club.

    I used to drink a can of Coke around noon if I had accepted the double shift until 11pm, knowing I would still be wide dang awake when I got home at midnight. Still can only do decaf unless I really want to be up all night and look forward to feeling like crap in the morning.

    When the only drug I got rx'd for migraine was a combo of ergot and caffeine, I was always faced with the decision to have a splitting headache and be awake all night in pain, or have no headache but be awake all night anyway. Bleahh. (Now I take something without caffeine and it works just fine, thanks.)
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    From experience, that sounds very possible.

    Personally, I have never liked the taste and feeling of coffee/soda but since my first year of nursing school I find it to be an amazing “tool” to get me through the day. ONE cup of coffee taken around 8PM can last me up to 24 hours; perfect for all-nighters, work, and class the next day. I don’t recommend you using it the way I am (as I am horrible to talk to on caffeine), but I do suggest that you try to suppress your cravings and avoid it on nights you want some sleep!
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