Pre-Nursing Job Decision: Package Handler or Patient Care Technician - page 2

Hello All! I am a pre-nursing student in my last semester before nursing school. I have consistently searched for healthcare and non-healthcare positions in the town which I live and go to school for over a year but to no... Read More

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    Package handler sounds like a fun job

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    Aww thanks guys for the replies. I ended up taking the patient care technician position 45 minutes away. The commute is not so bad. Extremely difficult during initial orientation and beginning of a school semester. I have been able to learn at least the basics of nursing school skills that will hopefully help with my clinicals in the second semester of nursing school. I really like the job. It's night shift and there is a lot of time to study for classes or just simply learn about the field of health care. That is so insightful about the recorder idea. I will definitely check it out. Again thank you everyone!

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