Physical Exam required for Nursing program....questions! - page 2

I have to have a physical exam done this summer before my nursing classes start and a few things on the list I'm very uncertain about.... :/ Please describe in depth how they test these and... Read More

  1. by   doxielover304
    Wow thats cool! Yeah I was at the 2:00 one.... Douglas!
  2. by   JenLahaye
    I was at the 10am. I will be attending the waycross campus :-) congratulations!! I private messaged you my number. Feel free to text. I have my physical set up for April 23rd.
  3. by   doxielover304
    congrats to you too!
  4. by   EaglesWings21
    My doctor checked standard things.. they might ask you when was your last period but other than that GU is not a part of the exam... They may possibly feel your stomach they did not feel mine. They asked me a few questions for neuro checks...gave me some shots and that was pretty much it..
  5. by   doxielover304
    thanks! what were the questions for neuro like?
  6. by   Everline
    Not going to the same school you are. But I went to my family physician. I had just had a physical two months prior (which did not include anything invasive). Still, he looked in my throat and ears, listened to my heart, checked my reflexes, felt my know, the usual things. Then he filled out my paperwork and had his nurse give me the TB test. I don't think you have anything to worry about. :-)
  7. by   doxielover304
    thanks everline!
  8. by   aachavez
    I had to have a physical, but it was pretty basic, like, can you follow my finger? equal strength in both hands? can you stand up straight with your eyes closed? very simple hearing test, nothing scary or invasive, and I also had some blood drawn for titers and had to get a few vaccines. No sweat!
  9. by   doxielover304
    thank you!
  10. by   springchick1
    I had one of the docs I work with day in and day out sign my for. No biggy.