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Miscommunication happens more often than we like - especially while in school. Sometimes communication between teacher and students get lost. The teacher or the student ends up saying something... Read More

  1. by   mofomeat
    Ok, three things that I have to share for now. Two are school related, one is not.

    1) There is a girl in my Micro class right now. From context clues I gather that she spent one or more summers in Greece, which is admirable and enviable, yes. However... whenever we discuss any topic in lecture, she (without raising her hand) interjects "In Greece they do that like X" or "When I was in Greece, I saw that X was the usual practice". 80% of the time it is related to what we are talking about (but the relevance is questionable). The other 20% of the time it's off topic and clearly just serves her need to remind everyone that she has been to Greece. Non-related, she tends to also sway lecture conversation into often interesting, but completely tangental side-discussions about bacteria or chemistry. She asks lots of questions but I suspect that she doesn't actually understand the answers she gets, based upon the questions she asks to follow up. Fortunately, she is not in any of my labs.

    2) There was a middle-aged woman in my A&P I class some time ago that worked in a hospital to some capacity (in a receptionist role, AFAIK). She had a ginormous man-hating chip on her shoulder, and often talked during lecture about how men don't belong in a medical setting because they are all autistic and impersonal. Interestingly, she was also probably the rudest, bitchiest, whiniest person I've ever encountered in school. She drove everyone away from her and then complained to the teacher(s) that we all had it out for her. She then dropped the class, and a month or so after I saw her in the hallway, I said "hi", and she responded with "f**k you".

    3) My girlfriend's roommate had recently gotten married. Shortly after, she was poised to go back to school to finally get her degree in "art therapy". Nonetheless, she has had a very... shall we say "theological and non-scientific" upbringing, and has probably never dug deep into the whole "birds and bees" thing. One day she was talking about going to school, but didn't want it to be interrupted by eh... "starting a family". Her close friend told her, and I quote "It takes a long long time to make a baby. You probably have two or three years before you even have to think about that. Besides, it's not like you're some [racial comment] Welfare Mom... if you are going to school to better yourself, Jesus will guide your future and make everything happen just like it should."

    My girlfriend has since found a different place to live.

    And of course the two bonus ones that everyone's hear before- I brought up how many students are "I want to be a nurse but I'm not going to put up with poo" and "I'm just getting into Nursing so that I can marry a doctor".
  2. by   Skips
    Quote from FDW630
    Of course out of the many dumb things my classmates have asked or said, I cannot think of a single one to post. Eh.

    I do have to say though, Skips, that your name and avatar have me rolling. I LOVE that show!
    FINALLY!!! Someone knows what it is! xD I love that show, too.
  3. by   nguyency77
    There was a girl in my developmental psychology class that told our class of 80 strangers how her brother got laid, and consequently how his genital piercing got caught onto his girlfriend's genital piercing. I don't remember why she was telling us that story, but it was hilarious.

    Despite having a job unrelated to patient care, she wore scrubs to school because "they were cute!" She was a real piece of work, but I much preferred her to the failed pre-med student who sat behind me and constant ridiculed everything that everybody else said.
  4. by   mofomeat
    (Interrupting the teacher during a discussion about parasites in Microbiology class)

    "You don't have to worry about triganosis [sic] anymore. It has been completely bred out of modern pigs"
  5. by   Sadala
    Actually, the yoghurt deal has been something many women have done for years, and there is a reason that it can be helpful. I've even known physicians to recommend it. Of course, they mean plain yoghurt. There used to be all kinds of stories about women who misinterpreted that and used, say, strawberry... or some type of flavored or colored yoghurt. NOT very helpful - promoted infections, etc.

    Now there are douches that have the same active ingredients, I believe, so you don't hear about it being recommended so much anymore.

    There was even a court case over whether or not it was practicing medicine to advise women to use yoghurt.

    Infections and Insurrection: Women Treating Yeast

    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack, just wanted to fyi.
  6. by   flying_ace2
    Last semester in Fundamentals, when discussing what classes we'd be taking in January if we were accepted to upper division, this woman in class asked: "what does med-surg stand for?"!!! Keep in mind that she has been working as a CNA for the past 6 years in a local hospital!!!