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Miscommunication happens more often than we like - especially while in school. Sometimes communication between teacher and students get lost. The teacher or the student ends up saying something unexpected which in turn makes... Read More

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    Actually, the yoghurt deal has been something many women have done for years, and there is a reason that it can be helpful. I've even known physicians to recommend it. Of course, they mean plain yoghurt. There used to be all kinds of stories about women who misinterpreted that and used, say, strawberry... or some type of flavored or colored yoghurt. NOT very helpful - promoted infections, etc.

    Now there are douches that have the same active ingredients, I believe, so you don't hear about it being recommended so much anymore.

    There was even a court case over whether or not it was practicing medicine to advise women to use yoghurt.

    Infections and Insurrection: Women Treating Yeast

    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack, just wanted to fyi.

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    Last semester in Fundamentals, when discussing what classes we'd be taking in January if we were accepted to upper division, this woman in class asked: "what does med-surg stand for?"!!! Keep in mind that she has been working as a CNA for the past 6 years in a local hospital!!!

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