Patho/pharm 1

  1. This class is kicking my butt!! There is just soooooo much information. I've tried reading the text, I've tried taking notes and I've done concept maps. Any other suggestions to make it a little easier to understand?
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  3. by   Kuriin
    Is the professor giving you powerpoint slides? If not, I feel really, really bad for you. Recommend you record the lecture (audio) and take as many notes as possible. Typically the professors will let you know where the tests are from (lectures or book or both). If it's from the lectures, you know what it's going to be on.
  4. by   loveSBK
    Hey there. I am also taking patho/pharm along with med surg . I like patho so far and I just read the book, same with pharm. You should try to figure out your learning style and then take it from there. Maybe flashcards could help, doing notes on the computer so you dont waste as much time writing, print them and take them with you everywhere. Bullet points always help me. You just have to find out what will work best for you. Also, ask your teachers, see what they recommend. Good luck
  5. by   allycat77
    Mosbys mnemonic flashcards for pharm are great. I cannot imagine taking med surg at the same time as patho. I felt like i needed the patho foundation in order to progress thru med surg (which i'm taking now)
  6. by   ebosse76
    Flash cards don't really work for me. I tried them in A&P. In all my other classes just paying attention in lecture and then doing study notes helps me. Not in pharm though. I'm beginning to wonder if it's just this prof. I've talked to a few people who had a different prof and they said it was easy.
  7. by   smoup
    How I studied for our 1st test was to read through my notes a couple times and then the concepts I didn't remember I put in another document and read over that a few times until I was able to remember (almost) everything.

    Does you professor test a lot on specific drugs or more overall concepts? I didn't spend too much time memorizing all the drugs and their affects. If I knew what the drug was supposed to do through what mechanism, beta 2 blocker, for example, that is enough to tell me what it does and what the side effects are.