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Im in clinical rotation and it seems like all I do is glorified cna work...I dont pay thousands of dollars for school to do cna work (Ive been a cna for over 6 years now) ...I want to learn core nursing skills so my question to... Read More

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    Quote from megank5183
    This is crazy!! you wanted your students to go and sit in their patient's room all morning? i know that if I was the patient, I would have said "get out of my room"! I understand that you want your students to seize learning opportunities, but forcing them on patients who may want to be left alone is a little odd.....
    That was not a random assignment, and that patient clearly did NOT want to be left alone. He had had quite enough isolation and lonely fear. In answer to your assertion, yes, that day I did want that student to spend the time in her patient's room, to go see her patient as a person, not just as a piece of work to be "done up."

    That student sent me cards every year for years and years. I understand she became quite a good nurse.

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    Ohhh....I thought you just made the students go in patient's rooms if they had nothing else to do. I remember an instructor who thought we should always be in our patient's rooms during clinicals. As you said, some patients really want to talk and don't mind a student being there. But some patients just want to be left alone. I hated having patients like this because I felt like I was intruding (which I was) but was scared my instructor would think I was slacking if I wasn't in there....let's just say I don't miss nursing school clinicals AT ALL

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