Is this normal? Is it a sign I shouldn't be a nurse?

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    I am about to start the 5th semester in a 6 semester LPN program. With graduation getting closer, I'm starting to worry if I'll be a good nurse or not? I am really worried about clinical this semester and wondering if my confidence will ever be there? I have gotten good scores so far and all my instructors have given me good reviews but I still feel very nervous and out of sorts in the clinical setting.

    Is this a normal fear or should I have gained some confidence by now?
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    You are perfectly normal!!! ((HUGS))
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    I am a pretty confident person. But I experienced this too prior to graduation. I found that the more experience I get, the more confident I become.
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    IMO, as graduation looms it is probably pretty normal to feel that way at some point. In my experience, I have been an LPN for 3 years now, I recently graduated RN school and in my last semester I felt like I did not know anything and would never learn all of this stuff. I even became really nervous in clinical right before going to my Senior Practicum where I was to be the "nurse" I wondered how on earth I was going to be able to do it... ya know what? It was a breeze and once I got over the self-doubt and jitters I actually handled things pretty darn well!. No I did not know everything, but I was able to surprise myself with what I did recollect and even made some suggestions that turned out helpful to a fellow nurse about her patient. (My LTC experience came into go use for that one)
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    Thanks so much I'm on break now, first night back, and I'm actually a little calmer now after talking to my classmates and realizing they ALL feel the same way.
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    Normal! I feel terrified..I think it's the looming future that soon we will be responsible for all of this and our safety net(instructors) won't be there anymore!
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    I just started my first real day as an RN in the ED. Pretty sure I had no idea what the heck was going on the whole time. It's normal.