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Hi everyone! So, I am wondering, what are typical grades for an average nursing student? I got a 94 on my first exam, then a 70 on the second one. Both count for 20% of your grade, and now after... Read More

  1. by   PatMac10,RN
    Quote from mitsugirly
    I have always been one of those that stresses over grades as well. I had a perfect 4.0 gpa for the last 3 years doing my pre-req's. Now it's a different story. In our Nursing, you have to get a 76% in order to continue. It's everyone's goal to just try to get that 76% and move on. As most people have told me, when you become a nurse, they only care that you passed the NCLEX and have your degree. They don't ask what your gpa was nor do they care at that point.
    Praise! I used to be the same way. I've made all B's in nursing school, except for a C in one of my classes in second semester. I am on the line between a potential A this semester, but ill just be happy to pass.

    Some employers do ask for a copy if your transcripts when hiring as a new grad, but they look more at your clinical performance is what I'm told. I've gotten multiple critical care job offers and have 1 C on my transcript. Employers look at the whole person, at least in my case.

    Striving for your best should always be what we strive for. The results of giving your best can change with each semester though so its important to not become disheartened if your best gets you a B or C one semester and an A another.
  2. by   NurseKis
    I am A B- Student. The minimum grade to pass the classes. It is hard but well, that's all i can do. 2 more semester to GO!
  3. by   s.marie333
    I make straight b's in nursing school. Prior, I was a 4.0 student. I try my best and that is what matters. As long as you can pass nursing school and your boards for licensure, who cares what your grades are if you tried your best? Grades don't make the nurse. Your performance and attitude determines the type of nurse you will be.
  4. by   Chilled1121
    I think something to keep in mind is a lot of post graduate and rn to BSN or RN to MSN schools want recommendations! If you come in with something outside a 4.0 but you have a clinical teacher who praises you for your on the floor skills, that can really make you stand out. Some of the best nurses, which should really be the priority here, have GPAs all across the board and schools and employees seriously take that into consideration.

    Don't get me wrong, I am very competitive and understand having the competitive edge but I think it can be hard to lose focus on the bigger picture which is providing the best patient care right? Maybe? I hope that's why we are all in this. Sometimes I think the academia of these programs makes us crazy.
  5. by   gummi bear
    Oh.....Looks like this may turn into another "People can be book smart, but lack common sense" thread. Everyone should try their best. Comparing grades does nothing. Some people will make A's, some will make B's, some C's and then some will fail. Oh well. Toodles and good luck to everyone going through the NS struggle
  6. by   Red35
    Trust me....I go into a tailspin if I don't receive in A-not sure why...but I'm in Pharmacology and if I pass with an 80% I'll be thrilled...
    The most important thing right now is to learn the material and of course pass the class...
    I'm working on my anxiety about not receiving A' s in nursing school.
  7. by   mommy124
    at my school we have to get a 94 for an A .. I would take 92 and be so very happy!!