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  1. Possible Union

    Good point. I sent it as suspicious to IT under the guise that it breaks some of our hospital policies. It's just so odd to me because this place has a huge national reputation. Why would they do anything to tarnish that? So strange to me.
  2. Possible Union

    Also just an update. There was letter sent out by an gmail domain email address to all the nurses asking to sign a petition saying you are for the hospital and not for the union and that it could be legally binding. I'm really over the anti union c...
  3. Possible Union

    Okay that's good to know. I also didn't know that there are non strike unions. Is that something in the contract that was created or is just that particular union.
  4. Possible Union

    So yeah. I have went to a few union interest meeting. I guess one concern I keep hearing is that our hospital is a nurse driven hospital and we are able to creat a lot of our policies or have a hand in them. There seems to be this implication that u...
  5. Possible Union

    Hey, So I work at a hospital that might have a union vote soon (hint hint probably the most well known hospital in Baltimore, Maryland) It has been written about in our local papers and addressed by management in a variety of ways. It's been pretty d...
  6. You know the shift is gonna be a hot mess when ...

    When the Joint Commission makes an early bird appearance.
  7. New Charge Nurse

    Thanks for the responses! It's good to know this just isn't an isolated problem on my unit. I guess I will just let them do their thing and look the other way. However I don't foresee myself changing assignments for social reasons. They can ask the n...
  8. New Charge Nurse

    Unless absolutely necessary, we don't take patients as charge. Some like to do so if it keeps people out of 3 patient assignments (we try to stay 2:1 unless we have a renal replacement and then it is 1:1) but I thankfully haven't had that yet.
  9. New Charge Nurse

    It's my first nursing job. I have been there for a year and a half. They can ask to orient after a year of working on the unit per their policy (I think it should be longer which is why I postponed). They had two shifts of orientation to charge then ...
  10. The problem with Some new nurses

    As a new nurse I'm happy to give some insight. When I first started I wanted to make sure that I could help my techs as much as possible. I would do some delegated tasks simply because it helped me with assessment or they were busy. I have no proble...
  11. New Charge Nurse

    Quick question. This is my first nursing job and have recently oriented to charge nurse on a critical care floor. I have been charge only one time but I have heard from other nurses that nurses will request to have a new group for a number of reason...
  12. New to ICU. What do you hate to see a new ICU nurse do?

    As a new nurse who went to critical care shortly after graduation. I can tell you a few things that have helped me. Do not be afraid to ask a question because you want to feel like you "got it." If you don't know or are not sure ask or look for a re...
  13. As an unexperienced nurse this frightened me. For a second, I thought why haven't I been let go. I have definitely given meds late before. I guess I mirror what what everyone else has said. What is the entire story? Was there significant harm done t...
  14. Seeking real assistance here

    I think everyone has pretty much covered everything. Personal reasons can sometimes be red flags during the hiring process so I would avoid going into a lot of detail about it when you get an interview. In order for employers to care about personal i...
  15. Taking Micro alongside nursing courses..

    I took all of my non nursing courses before I started the program and it seems to be the way to go if you can I have a few classmates that still have to take micro during the program and its been a real time constraint because of scheduling a class w...