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Negative Measles Titer?

  1. 0 If you were negative, how many injections are needed for a positive? I'll get my titer results this week and I fear I'll be negative as I received my first injection before one year of age.

    The other schools I attended pre-nursing accepted my immunization records, but the school I need to register for now will not. I'm nervous as classes are filling up and I can't register until I have proof for measles. How many injections will I need and how far apart do they have to be?
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    I had a negative measles titer a few years ago and all I needed was one MMR booster.

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    I just got a negative Measles and Rubella titer (but a positive Mumps titer--go figure!) and the health services lady at my school said the one MMR booster that my Dr. gave me would be enough b/c I had had at least 1 vaccination before. I too got mine before I was a year old...I'm seriously starting to think everyone my age is probably not really vaccinated b/c my best friend also got a negative titer. that's kind of crazy...anyway. Don't worry..i'm sure you'll be fine.
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    All you will need is just one. I had to have another one. What happened was they used to only give one and then somewhere around the 80's (I think) they decided it was necessary to have two of them.
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    Negative! My doctor can't believe as I have my original records. So I had the MMR booster......oh well.......thanks for the replies - I only needed the one injection, as everyone here stated.
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    I'm 26 and my doctor said there are many people my age who have negative measles titer, myself included. My packrat mom had all my records, but lo and behold, I had to get an injection. My doc chose to not give me the MMR, just the M, since I was fine with M and R.

    Kind of scary, when you think about it. Look at all the people in this country who have no reason to get tested. It wouldn't take much to have a serious outbreak.