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Need - printable online free drug cards, help.

  1. 0 Does anyone know if there are any sites on the web that have printable drug cards for free or for a nominal amount. My cd from my drug book doesn't have that option. I would love to have something like that, I am in Parm II and want something that I can flip through on my free time.

    Thanks much.

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    #1 2 -'s gateway page into medi-quik construct-a-card. you need to register, but it's free. you have to input all the information yourself. this constructor merely prints it onto a pre-formatted form. in playing around with the constructor i found that you could not go back otherwise you lost your input data. i was able to shrink the finished card down to about 7" x 5" but my printer didn't print any border, or perhaps i just didn't know how to apply a border or shrink the card down smaller.
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    YOu can also make your own in Word using any drug guide/book you're using for school....

    Here's the formatting I use for mine:
    File | Page Setup
    Choose the Layout tab
    Under Headers & footers, set both Header and Footer to 0"
    Select the Paper tab
    Choose 4 X 6 Borderless (I make 4X6 cards; buy the blank ones)
    Choose the Margins tab
    Mine reads: Top:, Bottom:, Left:, Right: all are set to 0.1"
    Gutter: 0" | Gutter position: Left
    Orientation: Landscape

    Then you need to figure out how to get your printer to print correctly for the 4X6....get the book out if you don't know, or print to 8X11 and cut them to size....I also print front and back so everything's on one card as we have guidelines for what HAS to be on ours....that's found under Properties in the dialog box that pops up once I've chosen Print for my printer and involves printing the first side, then flipping the card and reinserting it in my printer as I don't have a duplex-capable printer....not as difficult as it sounds once you figure it out...

    I'd be happy to send you a copy of my template if you're interested....PM me for that!
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    I posted this once before, I think you'll like it:

    Good luck!
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    I just began my Med surg rotation and I'm looking for a easier and more organized way of doing my drugs cards. Can you send me your template? I really appreciate, tnx a lot.
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    Hi there,
    I would appreciate it if I could get a template emailed to me also. Thank you so much!
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    May I have the template mailed to me too? thank you
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    i need a web site for printable drug cards
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    I'm looking to purchase pharmacology flashcards online. Can anyone recommend any? I would like to find a nice set that would include drugs commonly used for clinicals. Thanks!
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    i know a lot of savvy instructors who would never accept bought cards from students, or allow students to use them. why, the meanies! they actually want you to put more effort into your learning than this! they want to see your work!

    make your own (the cards and a pen are cheap at the stationery store) and you will not be coming back here in a few months complaining that it's so hard to learn drugs and you're worried about passing your "parm" test.
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    Thank you Esme12! Thanks for the advice GrnTea.
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    You are welcome..