My scrub pants are killing me!

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    Me and scrub pants just don't get along it seems. :/

    It seems no matter what brand of scrub pants I buy, they hurt the hell out of my inner thighs. I just think that because they inevitably fit more relaxed, the material just rubs against them (I guess). It is at the point now where my skin is red, patchy, irritated, occassionally itchy and won't go away.

    My only solution is to buy some thin leggings to wear underneath. What could I buy OTC to help my skin heal well?

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    You've tried multiple scrubs and they all do that? Could be the fabric or your detergent. It's also happening to both thighs?
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    I've not had an issue with scrubs causing chafing on my thighs; however, in Navy bootcamp a few of the other girls had issues while running. (the Navy issued shorts were horrible) They used stick deodorant and many said that it helped. Also, bikers shorts tend to help, as they prevent the friction from causing irritation.

    Good luck finding something that works!
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    Try the leggings. Try deodorant on ur inner thighs where it's rubbing. Baby powder possibly. Something will work.
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    Quote from StephenAndrews
    You've tried multiple scrubs and they all do that? Could be the fabric or your detergent. It's also happening to both thighs?
    Yes, both thighs, although the right thigh gets twice as irritated as the left. The irritated skin is red, hurts and feels dry/scaley to the touch.

    I thought it could have been the fabric as well, but the matching scrub tops of said bottoms don't bother my skin. I've been using the same detergent and dryer sheets for years now without issues with my other clothes.
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    our bodies change....formulas change...I would change to dye free , perfume free soaps, detergents, lotions....and see. Stress also can change what our bodies experience. I wore hose under my uniforms for years.
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    compression shorts
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    compression shorts or maybe try "body glide"... runners use it to prevent chafing in those areas, maybe it would be helpful for you, too? I'd say better find something that works if you're gonna be in scrubs for the near future!
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    The cherokee cheapo brand our hospital buys for us did the same thing to me! Have you tried Koi brand? They're 100% cotton (or close to it) and super comfy. Body Glide is a good idea, too!
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    i used to have the same problem til I bought the softer scrubs like Koi brand. it's a brushed cotton feel, and then add baby powder to the inner thighs.

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