My first pharmacology test

  1. OK, I had to brag a little. After not getting accepted into the BSN program of my choice, I had given up on nursing school. I had a really good GPA, and was not accepted because the school chose their own students first; regardless of GPA then they chose students who had a previous degree, regardless of GPA. I knew these students received extra points, but was told by the school on at least two occasions that it was such a small advantage that the fact I only had 5 hours at their school wouldn't really matter. WELL IT DID!
    Well the school went through its wait list and due to the fact that it was a last minute spot and most of the students couldn't afford to come out of pocket the cash it required, and that most of them had failed to get their CNA, guess who got called the day classes started and was told I had a spot if I wanted it? Well HECK YEAH I wanted it!
    So today I took my first pharmacology test and I got a 96!!!!! One of the highest grades in the whole class!!! Plus last week one of my assignments was used as an example of the correct way to do a patient assessment! I may be wrong, but it feels good to prove that I am as good as the students they choose ahead of me.
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    Nice job!!! Brag away- that's so awesome
  7. by   Jaykalkyn, BSN, RN
    Awesome! Nothing like a little "in yo face!" to brighten your own day.
  8. by   Stephalump
    That's fantastic!
  9. by   windsurfer8
    I would say one thing..remain humble. Nursing humbles us all. Every time I think I have all this experience and am a great nurse..something knocks me on my ass. When I was new RN I had a patient with toxic shock syndrome and it went downhill FAST. Scared the HELL out of turned out ok..but just take it..and move on.
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    Pat yourself on the deserve it....Congrats!!!!
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    Nice job! I'd be braggin too!
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    Pat yourself on the back, stay humble, do not brag yourself up to students in your class and move on to the next test. You can easily get an A in one pharm/med-surg test and then the next test get a B or C. Key to nursing school is not holding onto past achievements, but striving for achievements throughout nursing school/career. Keep up the good work and know that if you study your butt off throughout nursing school and work hard during clinicals, the nursing staff at hospitals WILL take note and advise the director for a position for you or give the director negative feedback for future potential employment. Welcome to nursing!
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    Of course you can celebrate!!! Way to go!!!!