Micro, A&P2, and Nutrition in a 12-week Summer semester?

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    I am wanting some opinions on taking Micro, A&P2, and Nutrition in a single 12 week summer semester? Is it feasible to take all three classes and still earn a decent grade? I will be working a couple nights a week at a resteraunt. I want to take them all, so that If I start Nursing school in the Fall, I will only have Nursing classes. I took A&P1, by its self last fall while working full time and did very well. I am nervous about taking 11 hours of classes though in just a 12 week semester? What do you think?

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    I will tell you that Micro is really different than any of the other sciences, and IMO - the MOST beneficial!! It really blew my mind. It was a class that required lots of time and work. I'm not sure I would attempt A&P II with it!! That's just a LOT of science. The good news is - a lot of the same material is covered in both (immunology, etc) but -- it's just a LOT of information. Good luck!
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    One way to look at it, is summer classes are the same amount of material in half the calendar days. So, that would be 22 credits of science classes, and Micro and A/P are notorious for the amount of material they cover. I'm sure there are a few people who could do it even if they were not working. I highly doubt there are many. Sorry, I know that is not what you want to hear.
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    Microbiology + A&P ll = .. I wouldn't recommend taking these 2 classes in one semester! If you plan to ONLY study and not use your time for partying or anything else besides studying, then maybe you can pull it off. It's not impossible. You just have to devote lots of time and effort into your classes.
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    i took microbio and ap2 in the summer, and they overlapped for 4 weeks. yes it was hard due to memorization in such short amount of time
    nursing was harder but due to combination of memorization and actual understandings.
    but because i did these 2 summer classes, i got into my nursing program earlier than expected.
    do what you need to do, and good luck.

    i will be a nursing graduate of May, 2011
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    I wouldn't do it. I only have my personal experience to go on, but I entered nursing school with a 3.85 GPA and will exit with something like a 3.25 in August - still good enough to get into a BSN program. Your entering GPA is important if you want to keep going. I wish I just went the BSN route in retrospect.
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    Noel Did you take a&pII and micro in the summer? how was it? I am also interested in doing the same courses this summer at TCC se campus.
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    I took A&PI as a summer course. I would suggest doing the nutrition and one of the sciences, but honestly, I don't think all 3 classes would be do-able. I would probably take the A&P and nutrition, then the micro alone.
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    I took APII as a 12 week summer course, and took psychology during the first 6 weeks and microbiology during the last 6 weeks (they were both summer quick term courses). I stay at home with two small babies... it was tough, doable for me. I got B-pluses in all three. Good luck to you!
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    You have just given me a ray of hope!! How did you make sure you were registered for those summer classes? I registered on 11/15 the day of registration and barely got into the classes for the spring.

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