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Hey everyone, I am not a nurse yet, I am in school for my RN. I made a medication error and now I feel like I should never be a nurse. Does anyone else feel this way? The patient was not harmed... Read More

  1. by   fibroblast
    I have made a med error. I felt humiliated. It involved a narcotic so I had to make a statement, tell the nurse, DON..Hoping to take the NCLEX this Dec. it makes you more empathetic and nonjudgmental
  2. by   KrCmommy522
    Quote from CMA-RN29
    Thank you, my work is not cool about this and I feel awful. They make it seem like it has never been done before.
    Like other's have pointed out, as a MA, you are to be working under direct supervision of a licensed person (e.g., RN, physician, etc.). As a result, wouldn't it be that person who the work should be most upset with. Yes, you are responsibile in the end, because you gave the med and you didn't follow the 6 rights (which it sounds like you are taking responsibility for your part in this), but it is also the responsibility of the licensed person who should be supervising you. Even if it is regular practice where you work for a licensed person not to be double-checking to ensure you are giving the right med. You are unlicensed, as a result, you are to be working under the direct supervision of someone who is licensed. Is that not correct?