Looking for books with example questions for 1st year RN student

  1. Hello all,
    I just joined this site and hoping to get some advice.
    I am a first semester RN Student looking for books to purchase or online websites that will give me example questions that will help me to prepare for each exam in the following classes:
    Fundamentals of Nursing
    Health Assessment
    Foundations of Holistic Nursing

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Stephalump
    Love Saunder's Comprehensive Review! It's my nursing school Bible!
  4. by   CT Pixie
    I'm with Stephalump, love Saunders. I used an NCLEX prep book (I think it was also Saunders) during my LPN schooling. I would pop the disk in and formulate tests/quizzes specific to the info we were learning in lecture the night before the lecture. Honestly never really read the book for the class (i would skim it). I'd find out where I was weak with the test and be sure to concentrate on those areas in the book.

    Currently I'm using Saunders 5th edition for my RN classes (last semester!) and I found by doing what I did in LPN school, I can find out where/what areas I'm weak in with the lecture material on focus more on that then the concepts I have grasped.

    If your school is like the majority of schools, gone of the days of simple multiple choice, fill in the blanks etc., now it will be NCLEX style tests. If you get used to that style ASAP its to your best interest. Any NCLEX prep book can give you examples of that type of question, but I much prefer Saunders than any other.
  5. by   Streamline2010
    F.A. Davis nursing Success series is one you'll see recommended a lot for beginning students. I have Test and Fundamentals.
    Success Series books, ebooks,mobile, and online resources - F.A. Davis Company.

    But a lot of people who succeeded in the program I was in only studied handouts from class.
  6. by   ImKosher
    +1 on Davis Test Success book. Those books were a life saver during my 1st semester til' now. Test, Fundamentals, Pharmacology, and Med-Surg success. Also, check out your School text websites, they love questions from the book websites.