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L&D Clinicals - 3 Babies!!

  1. 6 I'm in my last semester of nursing school (YAY) and I have 4 days of CBF (childbirth & family) clinical rotations.

    Last night I was in L&D and got to watch 2 difference c-births! The first one was scheduled but the 2nd one she was pregnant with twins and was preeclampsic and the babies were 35w2d so they decided to take them so I got to watch that, too!

    Such an amazing experience, i still get goosebumps when I think about it. when the doctor said "Happy Birthday babies, we've been waiting to meet you" I teared up

    Just had to share with other people who would understand
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    That sounds amazing! I'm just in my first semester but I can't wait for L&D! I want to eventually be a certified nurse midwife and have only seen my nephew be born so far. Congrats. I almost got teary eyed just reading about your experience. Seeing twins would be awesome!
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    That's awesome!!! I was able to see three vaginals in one day...the one that was the last to be born was really meaningful; she was a primipara from Palestine; her husband was trying to get back from their home country to see the birth. She labored from 6am-3pm; the nurse I was working with was an amazing, shoot from the hip nurse that had 20 years in the business; learned a lot from the Drs and found out I knew a lot about L&D; got a B+ in the course. If I ever decided to go into Women's Health, I can see myself enjoying L&D
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    I can't wait for L&D clinical!
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    LadyFree28 that sounds awesome, I REALLY wanted to see a vag delivery but my partner got "eeny-meeny-miney-mo'd" for that while I watched the first c-birth. I know others in the past haven't seen ANY deliveries so I am so excited I got to watch so many!
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    That is so exciting! I was in L&D two days last quarter (spring). The first day I saw nothing, but the 2nd I got to be with a mom from her admission to the birth of her son, to even doing the first injections baby gets. I teared up so much when she gave birth. I'm hoping I get to go back either next quarter or my last quarter as it is my passion. Not real excited about this quarter's clinicals, same day surgery, PACU, med-surg floor and then 4 weeks of psych...bring back the mommies and babies.
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    That is awesome! I loved L&D clinicals. I felt like the badass in our class, always wanting to see (and smell) gruesome things without batting an eyelash...but when I saw my first C-section, I was overwhelmed by the power of the situation and bawled. I still get teased about that to this day!
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    I start OB clinicals in 2 weeks! Can't wait! I'm finishing up mental health now and while informative...definitely not my cup of tea.
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    HA! Mental health is next on my rotation... I have a strong MH background so we'll see how it goes

    Nekozuki I always want to see, smell, experience, too. I'm always asking to follow nurses around, ask them if they wouldn't mind grabbing me if something interesting comes along. Most are 100% behind that kind of enthusiasm and I've been able to see so much more than a lot of my classmates.