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I am starting my first nursing class in 2 weeks. Just spent almost $600 for the privilege of carrying three enormous textbooks on my back and barreling through them in 8 weeks. As I'm checking out, the cashier reminds me that our... Read More

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    We have 16 required text books, 23 if you buy all the "recommended but not required" books. I just checked the prices and it's going to run about $1,500 just for the 16 minimum.

    The good news is that we'll use most of these books all 4 semesters, so the cost averages out. But there are still additional books down the road that are going to cost quite a bit. I knew this was coming, but still have sticker shock!
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    I didn't read all the comments, but we used our books thru-out the entire program. Everything built on each other, so I found myself referencing all of my books, all the time.
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    For my first semester, my books weren't that bad. There were about 17 I bought (including the "recommended" supplements), and it cost me about $610 after I shopped around. It's still a lot of money, but I have spent more than that on just 3-4 books for some of my pre-reqs.
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    Idk what my books will cost yet, but fortunately I have a friend who just graduated from the program im about to start. She is going to give me her books, bless her heart! I found out today how much fall semester is going to cost, and it is DOUBLE what I anticipated! The fees add up to the same amount as the tuition, it's insane! I'm still reeling from that sticker shock.
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    $600 is a lot! I don't think I ever paid more than $200 for my textbooks, and most semesters it was under $100. I rented or bought used from Amazon, though. Full price for my textbooks probably would have been $600!
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    Quote from adc85
    The fees add up to the same amount as the tuition, it's insane! I'm still reeling from that sticker shock.
    I hear ya! Our nursing course is 9 credits, but they bill you for 15.5 credits. And then there's a $1950 fee for the course on top of the tuition!!! The fee is more expensive than the tuition! Plus you have to pay $5 per billing hour to the school on top of that. It's ridiculous!!!
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    The best website, by far, that Ive found is DIRECTTEXTBOOK.COM... It searches all of the websites suggested by others and there are options to store/keep track of your booklist, search previous/international editions (which I've used and ok'd by teachers) and forward your lists/book prices to others who might benefit

    Shop for Used Textbooks, New Textbooks, Rental Textbooks & eBooks: Direct Textbook
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    Do you have to buy the textbooks at the bookstore? I have saved a lot of money buying online (both new and used texts).

    I also get all supplies online (usually ebay or amazon) unless the school absolutely specifies that I have to buy it at one of their places (say with the uniforms).
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    Quote from smoup
    I buy from amazon.com It saves me a LOT of money.
    I prefer to buy from amazon, but then if the school bundles crap into it we HAVE to buy from them. Lame sauce.
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    Well, I'm glad I read this thread because now I know what the school meant by "Buy your nursing packets at the bookstore." So it's a kit of supplies. I was hoping it didn't include books because I just bought my fundamentals book on half.com and saved fifty bucks. I plan on buying all my textbooks there. And I want all new books because I don't want to be distracted by someone else's highlights or scribbles. And I plan on keeping all my textbooks. Wishing I qualified for some federal funds to help with these outrageous expenses but such is life.