Just bought my textbooks - a mini-grumbling session Just bought my textbooks - a mini-grumbling session - pg.4 | allnurses

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Just bought my textbooks - a mini-grumbling session - page 4

I am starting my first nursing class in 2 weeks. Just spent almost $600 for the privilege of carrying three enormous textbooks on my back and barreling through them in 8 weeks. As I'm checking out,... Read More

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    Well, I'm glad I read this thread because now I know what the school meant by "Buy your nursing packets at the bookstore." So it's a kit of supplies. I was hoping it didn't include books because I just bought my fundamentals book on half.com and saved fifty bucks. I plan on buying all my textbooks there. And I want all new books because I don't want to be distracted by someone else's highlights or scribbles. And I plan on keeping all my textbooks. Wishing I qualified for some federal funds to help with these outrageous expenses but such is life.