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Hi I'm a new member that is graduating this May, and I've been lurking here on allnurses for three years. I wanted to know how others are handling the backstabbing and horrible competition between... Read More

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    back in January I went to an ENA meeting with our clinical group (our CI was part of the ENA and thought it would be an interesting experience) - at that time they had several emergency room directors for several hospitals in the area reaffirming that they DID hire new grads and for graduation in May they should be applying at that time!
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    um, well, yes, your classmates and other nursing students in the area are your competition. But, here's how I look at it. I mentally pick out which healthcare system I want to work for (I didn't apply for all of them because I don't want to be completely unhappy and just settling for anything without a say) and then, I divided my class on who wants to work for which system. The ones who were wanting the same system as me were the "competition". Then, I figured, well, who has a scholarship with the health care system. Those are the people guaranteed jobs, but also they have to be full time. I personally will take part time. Then, as they get the job, I mark them off my mental list. They are no longer competition. Also, you have to factor in what people want. I know my classmates want like ER/ICU, OB, one classmate wants mental health, and I want med surg. Many classmates don't want med-surg. So, I can chalk that up as a plus for me.

    Instead, of being cut throat, you can look at it that way. Also, one classmate is going to help me with my resume or she said she would. I asked her if she wanted to try for positions on the same floor so we could at least know someone to ask for advice going into it. All you can do is wish them well and hope for the same. What goes around comes around.

    Plus, I am wondering if late Sept. and early Oct. may provide hope for jobs as it is the beginning of the fiscal year and it's after the new employment surge from spring and then people are moving out of their positions and new ones are posted. It's worth a thought.
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    quite impressive, actually i have to say when you graduate from school, becoming a social man, and work somewhere, that's quite common thing, or we can say that's our destination of school study, knowledge accumulation, while there is a existance of fierce competition ,some kind of injustice, unfairness, we can't change such of of common situation, but the things we can do is to make ourselves to be a best survival under this environmental setting , generally not only in nurse fields, we can see this everywhere.

    Quote from barnstormin'
    Hi I'm a new member that is graduating this May, and I've been lurking here on allnurses for three years. I wanted to know how others are handling the backstabbing and horrible competition between students over jobs.
    I used to love my classmates but now I can't stand any of them because it's become very divisive. I knew it was coming but it's still a shock to see how students who once worked together are now out to get each other......oh did I mention the ones that already have jobs lined up that can't keep their mouths shut and gloat constantly? Yes I'm envious but I can deal with it better with out having it rubbed in my face.........thanks I feel better now
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    Our class was happy when someone got a job. We would often share contact information as well.
    As for you and your class. Don't get caught up in competition. Try to see what they did to land a job and learn from them. Network with them as well.