I've been accepted!

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    I'm so excites; the first thing I did was jump on my couch. Forgiving my 5 year old ways, it's been a bit of journey between when I was finally able to get my GED in 2010, start my general courses in 2012, and now to be accepted into a bachelors program. All that hard work and doing it on my own has paid off; finally feels as though there really IS a method to my madness in switching careers at 24! (Yes, I know I'm not exactly considered old, but I've worked full time since I was 14 up until now, so a career change was a bit daunting)
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    Congrats I know that feeling, I was accepted on April 6th for the fall ADN program
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    You've earned the right to jump on the couch Congratulations!!!
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    Congrats- you are at the beginning of an awesome journey! When you tell your friends and family, jump on the couch again! Tom Cruise got away with it!
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    Congrats and good luck! Stay focused!
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