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IV Drip Rate Formula

  1. 0 Does anyone have a simple Iv drip rate they would care to share?

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    Quote from mel82
    Does anyone have a simple Iv drip rate they would care to share?

    To calculate drops per minute:

    total volume x drop factor(on the tubing)
    total time in minutes

    Calculate ml/hr:

    total voume in ML's
    total time in hours

    To calculate ml\hr when infusion time is less than one hour:

    total volume x (mL/h)
    ________________ = __________

    total time(minutes) 60 minutes

    I hope this helps
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    Thank you, that does look easier than what my teacher told us
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    Drops over time times ml = gtt/min

    I always think of a drunk to remember this, like a drunk with DT's
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    vd/t (volume x drop factor/ time)
    That's how I remember it! At the same time we were learning this formula I had to prepare a presentation for my clinical site on STDs and a lot of patients still referred to them as VDs. So that formula REALLY stuck in my head after that. :chuckle
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    To get drips per a mininue first find out what it is for ml/hr:
    1.) volume/given hours
    2.) hourly volume/60 x drop factor
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    If the worst happens and you can't remember the formulas, you can set up a ratio & proportion to solve most anything;can go from total ml, to ml/hr,to gtts, if all else fails.
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    I'M WORKING ON A PROBLEM. How to U calculate the total ml's if U only have gtt/min gtt factor, and # OF HOURS TO RUN?