1. Hi,
    I just got accepted to a BSN program and I am very excited! Just wondering what immunizations you all were required to have before starting?
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  3. by   krisiepoo
    we had to have them all and they had to be up to date.

    I can guarantee they're going to start contacting you soon about what your particular school wants, including the mantoux but there's usually a time frame they need it in so I'd wait for that info from your school.

    however, if you know where you had your child immunizations and if you have medical proof you had chicken pox, you might want to start rounding up that info because you'll more than likely need it
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    In my school titers were acceptable for varicella (chicken pox), MMR, and HepB. Negative titers with previous vaccination evidence were dealt with on an individual basis (some students required boosters, others re-vaccination, others just needed precautions).

    Prior to pediatrics and maternity we needed proof of a TDaP (or at minimum evidence of a recent pertussis vaccination, titers are not standardized and thus not acceptable)

    Proof of a two-step TB skin test, or negative chest x-ray, worst case if the TB serum is still on back order, physician signed evidence of low risk exposure to TB if a previous negative mantoux test. Some students got the blood test to prove no evidence of TB exposure/infection.

    Some schools offer/request students obtain a flu vaccine if in high risk clinical sites (pediatrics, LTC, low immunity such as oncology) during flu season.

    Cost of titers/vaccines may be covered by your insurance. If not, the local health department may have low cost vaccines available, your school health office, or even one of the "minute clinic" sites in pharmacies. My sister was entering her clinical rotations for speech pathology in pediatrics and required vaccines, her insurance didn't cover the vaccines but because she happened to live in an area with low vaccination rates and a current outbreak of measles & pertussis. Therefore she was able to obtain no cost titers and vaccines at her county health department.

    TB tests have a time limit for most programs so wait until you are requested to have the two-step testing done before trying to be too proactive.

    Good luck & congratulations
  5. by   amazingdaisy
    Thank you!
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    Hep B