Im about to start nursing school...which job is best for a nursing student?

  1. Right now I work at an assisted living retirement home. Basically, I help residents with their ADL's.
    I am a CNA and, since it is an assisted living, I will be trained to give meds in January.
    I want to work in a hospital to work with RN's(since that is what i want to be) but I know CNA's are not allowed to handle any meds whatsoever in a hospital.
    I want to work somewhere that will help me do well in nursing school, I know how hard and stressful nursing school will be, and NOT working is not an option, so I might as well work somewhere that will help me learn right? where do you think is best? assisted living facility or hospital?
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  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    Sounds like you are in a good place.
    Any area of healthcare will expose you to different experiences so you just have to pick what will work best with your schedule.
    I would opt for a job with the most flexible hours... because you will have to be flexible.
    I found staying in my current job was alright because, not only does it pay for my school and I can make my own schedule, but because everyone knows me well and are understanding of what I'm trying to achieve. They are supportive... a big plus.
    Bottom line: you will only see so much as a tech and there is no one magic area where you can experience it all.
    I would focus on what job has the most flexibility and what job gets me a foot in the door where I would eventually like to work.
    Hope that helps a little.
    Good luck!
  4. by   mmaxim
    i would keep the job you currently have for now, until you can get a job at the hospital. I am an STNA and working in the nursing home is totally different than working in the hospital. After you finish your basic nursing classes you will be able to work as tech, and a lot of hospitals have tech positions for nursing students that are per diem, which gives you flexibility. I think techs are better prepared to make the transition to RN than students who never have that experience.
  5. by   raspberryfizz42
    Check with your local hospitals. Some have programs similar to "student nurse registry." This basically means they understand you want to learn but that you also have a huge demand on the side (nursing school!!). I would encourage you to apply for a tech position in ICU or CCU. I worked ICU and found a great nurse who basically mentored me. She let me go with her to all procedures and even when I wasn't allowed to do them, I got to watch which gave me confidence and put me way ahead of everyone in my class. On the other hand though, if you have worked your CNA job for awhile they may give you more flexibility with your school schedule and hours. Don't worry about the medication thing because you will get enough of that in school. Meds at a nursing home are much different than IV's, etc. But all this is opinion, in the end you just have to deicide what your options are and what is right for you
  6. by   happilymarried
    Changing jobs can be very stressful and we all know how stressful nursing school can be. If you are at a place where they will work with your school schedule I would stay there!

    I have been a receptionist at a diesel engine shop the entire time I have been in ns (about to start 4th semster now) and I am not going to leave that job until I graduate. They work with me and I don't have the stress of learning a new job to deal with on top of being in a difficult program.

    Good luck to you whatever you choose!
  7. by   JazzyJ601
    If you are able to keep your current job then stick with it. If not i'd recommend a nurse tech. The hours are flexible and you can make your own schedule . Here in mississippi, we are able to shadow an Rn and see tons of things . It's like an externship , except you cannot give medicines but any skill that you have been checkoffed in school you can do if the Rn doesn't mind, great practice.
  8. by   roma4204
    I work as a nanny...find the right family and it's perfect. i work about 35 hours/wk and i am in an ABSN program.