I think my clinical professor hates me

  1. Even though it's close to end for my chronic health clinical rotation with only 2 more clinicals left I have something I need advice on for my current problem and just in case this happens to me again next semester or to one of my classmates but...I seriously think my clinical professor has something against me.

    This is because every clinical I kind of feel like she challenges me, but on purpose. She's always checking up on me, or saying things to make me feel as if I can't think of it for myself. For example, something as little as brushing a patient's hair, she will say as I'm giving the patient her medication: "don't forget to get her a comb and help her brush her hair" "did you clean her up yet?" "don't forget to clamp the tubing before priming" etc etc..Then in post conference when it's my turn to speak she will constantly correct me. I understand she is trying to teach but I kind of feel like I'm triggered. I don't notice her acting this way towards other students (sometimes she will pick on 1 person for the day and make them feel little but it's usually me...so I think).

    It wasn't until a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a anxiety disorder and depression, so my performance at clinical has definitly shifted to a more confidence in the clinical setting. It's still a little difficult to get over my fears but I don't perform poorly or see why she would think I'm incompetent to perform.

    What should I do to fix this issue I'm having with my professor? I'm probably going to have her again or see her in the future. I really want to be on her good side obviously. Should I e-mail her to set up a appointment to talk or at clinical should I say/do something? What should I do??!!

    Any advice is appreciated...seriously.
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  3. by   sunshine100
    This may just be her teaching style. I say let her say what she wants, do your best! Once you get out of clinicals you don't have to deal with her again. Also, don't take it personally. Good luck.
  4. by   noyesno
    *Hugs* to you bTRUE. Sounds like you're going through a lot right now.

    Sometimes, clinical instructors pick certain students to single out or be harder on. I saw it during nursing school. I don't really understand it. Part of me thinks the instructor has good intentions, trying to challenge certain students to reach their potential but the other part of me thinks they're power tripping on easy targets.

    Making an appointment to talk to her would be a good idea, especially if you might have this instructor again in the future. Remain professional and avoid any personal attacks against her. If she's not receptive to working with you, just do your best to tolerate her and try not to take her comments/approach personally (really hard to do, I know).

    Take care of yourself.
  5. by   all4ofus
    I don't think she hates you just because she nit-picks. There are a lot worse things she could have said, lots of examples of which are on this forum!! Only a couple more clinicals this semester, right? I think you should take a deep breath, smile, shrug, and roll with it. Sounds like you are passing and she hasn't made any personal attacks against you, so not worth calling attention to your insecurities by requesting a special conference with her...
  6. by   Tyler77
    I would have your anxiety order and depression under serious control before you go out there and become a nurse. P.S. There will ALWAYS be someone out there who challenges you, corrects you and may not like you. Welcome to life.
  7. by   classicdame
    Smile and say thanks. Ever heard of passive aggression?