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I quit! :(

  1. 0 Am about ready to just quit and walk away. It's not even the school workload, I can handle that. I'm doing well and have gotten all A's my first year and so far this semester as well.

    It's everything else....it's work, the kids, the house, the bills, the grocery shopping and cooking. I just can't do it all!!

    I worked a 12 last night, got home about 8 this morning, woke up around 12:30 to get my 3 year old. I made him some lunch, had a quick snack with him, washed the dishes and sat down to get a quick study in before my husband got home with our older girls. My mom comes over and makes a comment about my house being messy. Now I'm not claiming it was spotless, but I had the kitchen clean and there was no trash or anything disgusting sitting out.

    After she left I broke down crying and I can't stop. I ended up putting my books away and cleaning the house like a mad woman trying to get It all done before I have to leave for class. I think this was more of a vent than anything, but right now I just feel like giving up
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    Sorry about the typos, sent from my iPhone.
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    A little bit of messy never hurt anyone.

    Life in school with kids is a team effort. Hanging there.
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    Time out for your insensitive mom.
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    You do not want to come to my house and see the mess. I have four kids and my house is never spotless. Not sure how close you are to your mom but can you let her know that you are doing your best to keep the house clean, kids feed, and school work done. Tell her that if she wants she can clean your house. (maybe in a nice way)

    Hang in there.
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    Hang in there! Think about it in semester chunks. You can handle anything for 16 weeks. You can do it, the more obstacles thrown at you the better it will feel when you overcome them.
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    I can relate! Only I just started my program. My house is never super clean- kids have a great remedy for that. Nursing school is tough, you don't need extra criticism on top of all the stress! Just laugh it off, and don't invite mom over again for a while...maybe till nclex and job are out of the way?
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    Dont quit bottom line! Stay in there!
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    I don't know quite why but our mothers are able to really push our buttons like no one else! My mother
    and I had a warm loving relaionship but her criticisms hit home in a way no others did! Sometimes, even
    a simple suggestion would frustrate me as much as those times when she still treated me as though I had
    been fourteen again.

    Don't try to explain, make excuses, point out that, for example, the kitchen table is piled with books and
    study materials etc, while the kitchen itself is neat, just don't! When it's your mom, she will always retain the right to treat you as though
    you're forever six.

    Don't engage. Change the subject and, if that doesn't work, keep doing whatever you had been doing.
    When you have a house, a husband, (optional) kids, and are a student, something has to go, and living
    with some additional clutter and mess is better than mommy going crazy.

    Sending you hugs!
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    Write I love you in the dust and hug your baby. Nursing school is intensive and as long as the baby is loved and taken care of and the "main" things are handled (dishes, trash and laundry - not completely just no one going nude) it's all good! If you have any "spare" time, take the kiddo to the park
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    Completely feel you! I have a 4, 5, and 8 year old and I'm in my last semester of school!! My house hasn't been super clean in 1.5 years and I don't care!!! Tell them to get over it and if they don't like it they can clean it themselves!!
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    awwwhhhh dont give up! I know that is your mom but to hell with that she thinks. You are doing this for you and your and your family. Cook large meals, freeze them and let hubby work the rest out. You can do this! You have come to far to quit!
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    When you get out of nursing school, you can hire someone to come clean the house to keep your mother happy. That is the first thing I plan to treat myself to after the NCLEX is done. Hang tough and ignore, ignore, ignore. In some twisted way, she's trying to be supportive. Or something.