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Am about ready to just quit and walk away. It's not even the school workload, I can handle that. I'm doing well and have gotten all A's my first year and so far this semester as well. It's... Read More

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    Completely feel you! I have a 4, 5, and 8 year old and I'm in my last semester of school!! My house hasn't been super clean in 1.5 years and I don't care!!! Tell them to get over it and if they don't like it they can clean it themselves!!
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    awwwhhhh dont give up! I know that is your mom but to hell with that she thinks. You are doing this for you and your and your family. Cook large meals, freeze them and let hubby work the rest out. You can do this! You have come to far to quit!
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    When you get out of nursing school, you can hire someone to come clean the house to keep your mother happy. That is the first thing I plan to treat myself to after the NCLEX is done. Hang tough and ignore, ignore, ignore. In some twisted way, she's trying to be supportive. Or something.
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    You probably broke down about a different reason other than the messy house comment. It sounded like you were going to have a meltdown eventually by how busy everything sounds for you. Remember, if your mother isn't a nurse, she will never understand how difficult and time-consuming nursing school is. It's not the same as other majors in college. I think you need to talk to her about it if the comment still bothers you. A little bit of disorganization in your house is not the end of the world. I have a three-year-old and I'm in school full-time, too.
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    Quote from texasmum
    Write I love you in the dust and hug your baby. Nursing school is intensive and as long as the baby is loved and taken care of and the "main" things are handled (dishes, trash and laundry - not completely just no one going nude) it's all good! If you have any "spare" time, take the kiddo to the park
    That's what I focus on, too...dishes, trash, laundry! (: and making sure I spend time with my 3-year-old. He won't stay little forever.
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    I found this in a breastfeeding book when I first had my daughter. I'd say it applies to kids of any age:

    The cleaning and scrubbing
    Can wait 'til tomorrow,
    For babies grow up,
    I've learned to my sorrow.

    So quiet down, cobwebs.
    Dust, go to sleep.
    I'm nursing my baby,
    And babies don't keep.

    Don't let anyone make you feel bad. If you're spending time with your kids and being an awesome student, then I'd say it's ok to have a house that's not 100% spotless.
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    Ugh, I hear ya! Even when my hubby was here my house was never spotless! now, it's a disaster, but as said before, the dishes and laundry are done and trash is out! My floors are never cleaned more than once a week now, unless there is a spill. There are toys, school books and supplies everywhere, clothes not folded in a laundry basket sitting on the couch. Something has to give, and it's usually housework! My mom would have a heart attack if she saw my house*L*! My kids are clean, fed, happy and healthy, so that's all that matters to me! I hope you are feeling better*hugs*
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    Quote from Stoogesfan
    Am about ready to just quit and walk away. It's not even the school workload, I can handle that. I'm doing well and have gotten all A's my first year and so far this semester as well.

    It's everything else....it's work, the kids, the house, the bills, the grocery shopping and cooking. I just can't do it all!!

    I worked a 12 last night, got home about 8 this morning, woke up around 12:30 to get my 3 year old. I made him some lunch, had a quick snack with him, washed the dishes and sat down to get a quick study in before my husband got home with our older girls. My mom comes over and makes a comment about my house being messy. Now I'm not claiming it was spotless, but I had the kitchen clean and there was no trash or anything disgusting sitting out.

    After she left I broke down crying and I can't stop. I ended up putting my books away and cleaning the house like a mad woman trying to get It all done before I have to leave for class. I think this was more of a vent than anything, but right now I just feel like giving up
    .....You eat a ton of dirt before you die. As long as there is a path to important places or you haven't lost a child under the rubble...you're good!

    If your Mom says it again I would turn and say....."Oh Thank goodness!!!!! you volunteered to straighten up!!! I am so over whelmed with school right now and I could use a few moments to finish my care plan and MAYBE have a few moment to comb my hair......I appreciate you pitching in....I love you Mom" and proceed to walk away making it clear what she said isn't going to bother you.

    She'll either straighten up OR follow you to tell you she didn't volunteer.....in which case I would inform her that if she isn't going to help pick up she isn't allowed to criticize you for it......Your children are clean, loved, and fed......and you have school work to attend to for the benefit of your family.

    Tell her That you love her but if she can't say something nice ...she isn't allowed to say anything negative....until you are done with school.

    She loves you .......she'll get over it. (WINK)
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    Thanks everyone. I feel much better today. Last night was just a little melt down and I talked to my husband and my older kids and I told them that they were gonna have to help a little more.

    Can I just say I love AN and I'm so glad I found this extra support!!
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    Don't quit! I feel your pain. We have 4 children, hubby works full time, I work 2 12 hr shifts on Sat/Sun and my house is usually a nightmare when I come home. And I have gotten the comments from my mother in law about how I can't do it all, etc..and it sounded like she meant it to be helpful when it really sounded hurtful to me.

    I think you just need to let people know that there are going to be some things that slide by while you are in school but you are creating a life that will be better for your children/family.

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