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I need "Nursing Process" practice questions

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    I am in desperate need of some practice "Nursing process" questions. Could someone help me ASAP. My test on the Nursing process is Wednesday. I need to know what kind of questions to expect.


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    Have you tried eriworld.com? I'm in level one and I have been using eriworld since the beginning and in my opinion it really helped. Just go on and register for the total testing, it's free, and do the practice tests and at the end of the test it shows you all of the answers you got wrong with the rationale behind it. Hope this helps! Also, look in the very front or very back of your fundamentals book and see if your book has a website you can go to and if there is, I would strongly suggest checking it out. A lot of times the book's websited will have additional study tools, reviews, animations, and practice quizzes. Hope this helps!
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    Is there anything particular that your having trouble understanding?

    We just had our Process, Hygiene, Mobility, and Sleep Rest Patterns test last week. Most of the questions would give a situation and you would pick the most appropriate Nursing Diagnosis. Some would have you choose Rationale for situations or Assessment questions. Things like that. It was that easiest of all the tests IMO. Made an A...yipee!!!!
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    Do you have the ATI books there is a bunch in there, or how aboutthe evolve website.
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    I checked out the eriworld website,the was nowhere for me to sign up. I am a new nursing student. I want to learn more detailed about the Nursing process. Help please
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    I also need Nursing process practice questions pleaseeeeeeee.
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    If you have a NCLEX review book there should be questions in there.
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    Thanks Alot:wink2:. More questions coming up....as needed
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    Just understand the nursing process. The nursing process is basically the same as any rational thought process. (ie: u=you can't make a plan before you assess for a problem) This is why assessment is always the first thing you do.

    This is how they may ask the questions:

    You are a nurse in a med/surg floor. Your patient tells you that she has been experiencing epigastric pain, which she describes as "really intense heartburn." What is your action?

    a. Call the doctor immediately as it could be an MI
    b. place client on O2 2L/min Nasal Canula
    c. Listen for S1 and S2 heart sounds
    d. Chart the client symptoms.

    This is a bad example that I wrote but this is the kinda stuff they asked us. Always assess first, so listen for heart sounds. You need to assess before you plan (administering O2). Don't call the MD unless blood is squirting out of her eyes! This is how you to be thinking.

    Hope that somehow helps
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    Am taking my first exam on nursing process on Tuesday! I believe the info i have read here will help.